• Mimi Gardens

    5 starsJune 29, 2013

    440 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON, Canada N8X 2R6

    The most accommodating restaurant for food allergies I have been to. They have a very large menu with only a few items that cannot be done gluten free. Almost everything is freshly prepared, therefore substitutions welcome. I was also amazed at how quickly our food was served. I am a100% strict gluten free celiac and I have no concerns about eating here. A BIG thank you to Shannon who posted the previous review!

  • Smoke & Spice Southern Barbecue

    5 starsJune 14, 2013

    7470 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON N8T 1E9, Canada

    My favorite restaurant in Windsor! They used to have a full page gf menu, but their new menus have symbols marking gf items as "gluten reduced" I've talked with kitchen staff (who impressed me with their knowledge about gf ingredients) and since they've changed "gluten free" to "gluten reduced" on their menu they still are very strict with their kitchen practices concerning cross contamination issues and ingredients on their menu. the original and XXX hot sauce are gf. The redneck nacho appetizer used to be on their gf menu, but is no longer marked as gf due to concern about a cheese they now use (I still need more clarification on that one) Meal prices are VERY reasonable, atmosphere and service is always great. Its a fun place to bring friends and family and even my kids to.

  • Healthy Creations

    5 starsJune 09, 2013

    333 Dougall Square, Windsor, ON N9G 1X3

    I go here all the time for a great selection of fresh baked breads, cupcakes, muffins, breakfast bars, hot dog and hamburger buns, and so much more. Check out their website to see what that are making daily. They also have corn free, sugar free, dairy free, etc. items all with colour coded stickers to make your life simpler.

  • bd's Mongolian Grill

    3 starsJune 09, 2013

    22115 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124

    Its a great place if you're out and need to grab a bite to eat, but I'd rather just cook for myself in my gf kitchen if in going to pick out and put together ingredients anyway.

  • Logan's Roadhouse

    4 starsJune 09, 2013

    13305 Eureka Rd., Southgate, MI 48195

    Ask for a gluten free menu when you arrive. It has a fair amount on options and outlines their gluten free policies as well. I've always enjoyed logans and make a point to eat here when I travel to Michigan. Warning: if you have a peanut allergy, no not go here. They have peanuts at every table and throw shells on the floor.

  • Mamas Place Dine In Take Out & Catering

    5 starsJune 03, 2013

    14 Talbot Street North, Essex, ON, Canada N8M 1A4

    They have gluten free/ celiac selection on their menu

  • Whole Foods

    5 starsAugust 07, 2012

    990 W. Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

    Loads of gluten free options at this grocery store. Very pleased with the selection.