• Larkburger

    3 starsMay 28, 2014

    1904 Southgate Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

    It has been a couple months since I went here and I noticed that they had a different cook. I asked them if they heated the buns on a separate area, and they said no they didn't. That was disappointing because the last cook heated the buns in a separate area. They ended up heating the buns in the microwave :/

  • Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

    2 starsFebruary 26, 2013

    2130 Southgate Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    The first time i came here the servers were well away about how to prepare GF food. My second time back and the servers (different set of people) thought they knew how to serve GF, but still had cross-contamination. They used the same spoon, but changed out the food :/ good thing the General Manager was there doing audits and I was able to tell her what the servers did. She wasn't very happy with them. I really like the food and want to come back if/when they can serve it the right way.