Sarah F


  • FireWorks Restaurant

    2 starsMay 01, 2013

    5750 S 86th Dr, Lincoln, NE 68526

    I went there once. Didn't order because the staff was so adamant that the risk of cross-contamination was too high.

  • Red Robin

    5 starsMay 01, 2013

    2707 Pine Lake Rd., Lincoln, NE 68516

    LOVE! Just ask for an allergy menu at the front, and be sure to tell them what your allergies are. Never hurts to order from a manager. I always write my order down and just let them take it to the kitchen. It helps about mistakes. Important notes: ask for no Red Robin Seasoning on your burger and ask for allergy-safe fries without Red Robin Seasoning (they have a separate fryer). They have gluten-free buns for an additional $1 also, or you can get a big lettuce wedge wrap for free (tastes great)!

  • Skeeter Barnes

    2 starsMay 01, 2013

    5800 S 58th St, Lincoln, NE 68516

    I've been there a few times and it just doesn't work for me. I've gotten sick every time. One time, they brought my son's gluten-free meal to him along with a cookie. Then, they were going to just take the cookie off and leave him with the contaminated meal. Of course, he (a 4-year-old) was thrilled to wait 20 minutes for more food. Also, they say the fries are safe, but they are cross-contaminated due to the frier--don't do it! I got sick! I think there may be a lot of cross contamination going on there. Bummer too, because the food's good.

  • Le Cupcake

    5 starsMay 01, 2013

    5563 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68516

    Got a dozen of the strawberry gluten-free/dairy-free cupcakes. OH MY GOSH, I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. They were the best thing I've ever tasted. There were fresh strawberries even!! <3 They make the cupcakes at a different time from the other cupcakes, and at least at the time I ordered, they cleaned the kitchen well first. I was very cautious.

  • Ruby Tuesday

    4 starsMay 01, 2013


    Very good food and understanding staff! Ask to see the allergy menu and it never hurts to ask to talk to the manager about your order to make sure it's handled properly in the back.

  • Misty's Steakhouse & Brewery

    5 starsMay 01, 2013

    200 N 11th St, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Ask to talk with the head chef. They'll talk to you regarding your necessary restrictions and help you come up with a meal you love!

  • Sam and Louie's

    4 starsMay 01, 2013

    1332 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Their pizzas are tasty, even without cheese (I'm dairy-free). Prior to going dairy-free, I had the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza--can we say yum?! Only drawback? Costly. They have a great birthday deal though, so be sure to sign up for that.

  • Eazy Eatz Bakery

    5 starsMay 01, 2013

    1401 N 56th St, Lincoln, NE 68504

    I LOVE this place! They serve a large variety of foods and are always happy to try to make something custom. A lot of their baked goods are gluten and dairy-free, and many are even safe for my son with fructose malabsorption (because they don't put a lot of weird sweeteners and additives in their food). I feel good serving their products to my family because I know they use the same ingredients I would use in my own kitchen.

  • Open Harvest Cooperative Grocery

    5 starsAugust 21, 2012

    1618 South St, Lincoln, NE 68502

    The store carries a huge variety of gluten-free grocery items. My favorite thing about them, though--on Saturdays, they make and sell gluten-free bakery items! I LOVE their gluten-free vegan muffins. I haven't found one flavor that my son or I don't like. :)