Debbie Boose


  • TaMolly's Mexican Restaurant

    5 starsSeptember 05, 2012

    2835 NE Loop 286, Paris, TX 75462

    We visit TaMolly's in Greenville, TX as least weekly, including today, Sept 05, 2012. My husband has had Celiac since 2004, and we were so happy that TaMolly's now has a GF menu. We have had consistently good results with the gluten-free selections at the Greenville, Texas location. The key is to ASK FOR THE GLUTEN FREE MENU AND MAKE SURE THE SERVER WRITES IT UP AS GLUTEN FREE. One way we make sure they understood is to order some gluten free corn tortillas before the meal. If they are gluten free, they will come out wrapped in paper inside the tortilla warmer. If there's no paper around them, you might have to reiterate the 'gluten free' part. This only happened to us once when they first started offering the GF menu, but not since. The manager prepares and serves everything that's ordered gluten free, and there are plenty of selections. They are trained in how to prepare the food so that it doesn't get cross contaminated. We corresponded with TaMolly's office by e-mail as listed on their website and learned from the owner that a family member with the same diet restriction was the catalyst for their new GF menu, and it was obvious he understood the problems and the need. We hope the word gets out so they will continue it.