• Palais Casablanca authentic moroccan cuisine

    5 starsOctober 04, 2012

    2488 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80210

    The owner steered me around food that contained gluten. The vegetable soup with the chicken/lemon tagine was quite flavorful!

  • On the Border

    1 starsSeptember 23, 2012

    2190 Southgate Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    Food tastes like the old Hungry Man frozen dinners, but not quite as good. When we complained about the food after a few bites the manager "explained" that lots of people like their food and rate it highly. I paid for my niece's soda and we walked out.

  • Red Robin

    5 starsSeptember 16, 2012

    3770 Bloomington Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

    I was quite impressed with the concern the manager took in my gluten free choices. After calling in a to-go order, I was called back by the manager who told me certain items I requested as toppings were not considered gluten free and he made some preferable recommendations. The fries, I was assured, were cooked in a designated fryer to be gluten free.