GF Anne


  • Couscous Darna

    5 starsJune 15, 2013

    91 Old Brompton Road, London, United Kingdom SW7 3LD

    We were reading the menu on the door when a young woman invited us to come in. We asked her if they could prepare a GF meal without any cross-contamination. She didn't have an answer but took my explanation sheet to share with the chef. He assured her they didn't add any flour or thickeners so we decided to trust them. It was a good choice for us and we appreciated the help we got from our waitress.

  • Vegeria Vegan Tex-Mex & American Cuisine

    5 starsFebruary 12, 2013

    8407 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

    Vegeria interested us because it is almost all GF, and has GF baked goods. We are not even vegetarians, much less vegan, but decided to give it a try anyway. I had a grilled mushroom sandwich but they were out of bread and put it on a rice flour tortilla for me. My companion, who is DF, had enchiladas with rice and beans. He loved his too. We took a chocolate wine cupcake home with us. We loved Vegeria. Everything tasted very fresh. Expect to wait. The day we were there was crowded and there was only one waitperson scurrying about as fast as she could. If you are vegan AND GF this place is heaven for you!

  • Bella On the River

    5 starsNovember 02, 2012

    106 River Walk, San Antonio, TX 78205

    Bella on the River is actually on the Riverwalk and has a very GF friendly staff and kitchen. Owner David Snyder updates his menus (including GF) at least twice a year. They make an amazing eggplant appetizer called Eggplant Josephine that has fried eggplant, shrimp, mozzarella cheese and Hollandaise sauce. We had a celebration meal for the whole GF family. Everyone was happy with their choice.

  • Paloma Blanca

    5 starsSeptember 29, 2012

    5800 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

    The printed menu at Paloma Blanca is as extensive as the regular menu and they know their stuff! Excellent upscale Mexican food at very reasonable prices. Lovely setting to enjoy your meal. Dont forget to order one of their fantastic margaritas.

  • All Aboard Deli and Bistro

    5 starsSeptember 29, 2012

    5255 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

    We eat here about once a week, whenever we want a really good sandwich for lunch. If you dont see what you want on the menu they are happy to prepare whatever you want out of what they have, and put it on the special GF bread they get from The Little Aussie Bakery.

  • Pam's Patio Kitchen

    5 starsSeptember 29, 2012

    11826 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230

    Pams Patio has been carefully preparing GF food for at least 10 years now. They are personal friends with celiac folks so went through the process of learning about how to make GF food free from cross-contamination. Something for everyone! Counter service at lunch. Seated ordering at dinner. Ask for the GF menu. The whole family works at Pam's and they all know what GF means.