• Great Grubbing

    5 starsAugust 16, 2015

    8505 South Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89123

    This is a great gluten free Restaurant for smoothies , Asian Dishes, Sandwiches, pizza and sweets. Also we just had a blueberry waffle with 17 grams of protein it was delish

  • Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen

    5 starsJuly 07, 2013

    1300 S Milton Rd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

    Awesome Gluten Free Menu . I have Celiac and I eat there alot and I have never gotten sick. Yea!

  • Rudy's

    4 starsMay 19, 2013

    2321 Carlisle Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87110

    I have eaten here many times and not had any problems with cross contamination. Good Food !!!

  • Venezia's Pizzeria

    1 starsMay 19, 2013

    1331 Juan Tabo Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87112

    The counter help could not help me with Gluten Free and the Kitchen Looks like serious cross contamination. Don"t even want to get Sick!

  • Paisano's

    5 starsMay 19, 2013

    1935 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112


  • Buca di Beppo

    1 starsMay 19, 2013

    6520 Americas Parkway N.E., Albuquerque, NM

    This is so bad. We have eaten here since they first came to Albuq. I found out less than a year ago I had Celiac disease and have been so disappointed with Bucca's Gluten Free Menu (NONE) THEIR ITALIAN ........where's the Gluten Free food? You competion is out doing You

  • Romano's Macaroni Grill

    4 starsMay 19, 2013

    2100 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

    I have eaten here several times ànd not gotten sick. The staff knows about Celiacs and is very helpful Lots of options. They could use some Gluten Free appetizers and Desserts

  • Just Muffin Around

    3 starsMay 19, 2013

    4400 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

    Iam Celiac and have eaten here a few times without getting sick YEA! However their service has alot to be desired! It is slow and sometimes they bring you out the wrong order or not complete.

  • Five Guys

    4 starsMay 19, 2013

    6550 Paseo del Norte Blvd., Albuquerque, NM 87113

    I am Celiac and although the service and food was great there was obviously some cross contamination; as I did get sick. Be carefully!

  • Maggiano's

    5 starsApril 06, 2013

    9101 International Dr Ste 2400, Ste. 2400, Orlando, FL 32819-8120

    Wow what a great place to ear Gluten Free. I m Celiac and they were vary accomadating and knew what it took to avoid the cross contamination Great Service Brandon

  • Pizza Fusion

    5 starsNovember 26, 2012

    10345 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052

    Our Gluten free food was so good! The server was very knowledgeable and when he saw something had changed in the ingredients he made sure it was Celiac safe Wow what a great Server! Kudos to the whole staff! We'll be back!

  • El Segundo Sol

    5 starsNovember 26, 2012

    3200 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    This place is great! Especially for Gluten Free food! I have been there several times and they are very accommodating!!

  • Pizza 9

    5 starsOctober 23, 2012

    1716 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112

    I eat there all the time. Not only. have i not gotten sick But the service was great

  • Abuelo's

    5 starsOctober 14, 2012

    3440 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

    I am Celiac and have been here twice not only was the food and Drink good the service was very accomadating

  • U.S. Egg

    5 starsOctober 13, 2012

    5840 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

    What a great place We have been here three times and have not got sick once(as I am Celiac) and the service was great too