• Bonjour French Cafe

    1 starsAugust 28, 2015

    5214 Ocean Boulevard, Siesta Key - Sarasota, FL 34242

    Don't eat here if you have Celiac, they make on the same grill as the non gluten free crepes. I asked two different people and got the same answer so I didn't eat here.

  • Twisted Root Burger Co

    2 starsJanuary 08, 2015

    232 Town Place, Fairview, TX 75069

    I have Celiac. I ordered a burger with cheese, no veggies since they said they touch them with their same contaminated gloves all day. Sweet potato chips are off limits because they reach in with contaminated gloves all day. They told me fries are actually the safer bet, not sure whether it was true or not. I didn't feel well for days after eating here, I was probably glutened.

  • Chick-fil-A

    3 starsOctober 28, 2014

    8700 State Highway 121, Mckinney, TX 75070

    It's a decent option for gf, and the only fast food restaurant I will eat at. I always order the grilled filet without a bun and tell them it's an "allergy to wheat" so they will change gloves, and make carefully. Fries are safe.

  • Zoes Kitchen

    2 starsSeptember 27, 2014

    102 Prairie Rd, Fairview, TX 75069

    I used to really like eating at Zoe's but the last 3 or 4 times I've tried to eat there I have had problems. They are always very busy and it seems they struggle to fulfill their orders. Last time I went I ordered a cup of tomato basil soup (waited at least 15 minutes for it) and there were bread crumbs on the plate next to my soup. So basically they saw that it was supposed to be gf after they made it and took off the toast. When I questioned it they got an attitude and took it back to the kitchen very unhappily. Their restaurant is also very dirty, and it's hard to find a place to sit where there isn't food all over the floor and tables. I think they need new management desperately.

  • TruFire Kitchen & Bar

    4 starsApril 21, 2014

    6959 Lebanon Road, Frisco, TX 75034

    The food is very good, but the prices are so high! It's about $20 for a pasta dish with chicken in it. I can afford to eat there, but I just won't eat there often for that price. I don't feel that it is worth that price. I do believe they are careful because I didn't get sick from the food.

  • Unrefined Bakery

    2 starsFebruary 17, 2014

    3411 Preston Road, Frisco, TX 75034

    I only tried the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, so I can't speak for the rest of their offerings. The cupcakes were the worst gluten free I've ever had, and I really hate it but that's the truth. I've enjoyed the Betty Crocker mixes more than theirs. They were oily and very loose and spongy. The flavor was non existent. I actually threw both in the garbage ($8.00!!!) which I've never done in my life! I have to eat gf because of Celiac so I love that they are 100% gluten free, but.. their prices are high and value was low. I really hope they improve their recipe.

  • Palio's Pizza

    5 starsJune 03, 2013

    6405 W Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75070

    Wow! This was a pleasant surprise! Decent crust, great toppings and a great, not annoyed attitude! Manager was very helpful.

  • Urban Rio Cantina & Grill

    1 starsMay 28, 2013

    1000 14th Street #100, Plano, TX 75074

    WARNING: I decided to give it another try tonight. I spoke to the manager who informed me that the rice is not gf, the chips are fried in same oil as empanadas so they're not gf. Even though there is a gf symbol next to the menu item does not mean it is gluten free! I ordered the chicken enchiladas with verde sauce. Sour cream sauce is not gf! I was told 3 previous visits that it is. Eat here at your own risk and be sure to ask about each and every part of every meal bc they do not look out for you. Every waiter I've had said that the meals are gf if theres a feather next to the item on the menu. They're not trained or informed at all. The most disappointing aspect of this is that it took 4 visits to get it straight! I'm not going to return, they are too irresponsible. Previous review: I thought the food tasted great and was presented very nicely. The waiter was nice but I don't think he was well informed regarding gf menu items. His answers to my questions were very vague. I don't think he felt like checking on the specifics. I don't believe my meal was gluten free because today I am very ill. I won't return unless a manager is willing to spend some time explaining their menu and procedures in detail. What's the point of offering gluten free if staff is not well informed? It seems to be a common problem in this area.

  • Geisha Japanese Restaurant and Bar

    1 starsApril 26, 2013

    320 Coit Rd, Plano, TX 75075

    I went there thinking they were familiar with gf. There's no gf menu, so I asked for the manager. She seemed annoyed. She explained a couple things that I could have. There wasn't much to choose from. I ordered some kind of chicken and vegetable dish. I couldn't have the soup or salad that came with it. I only found that out after they brought it out and it sat on the table while I awaited answers. So I had chicken with vegetables and gf soy sauce. Yuck. They should have discounted meal considering I couldn't eat more than half of what came with it.

  • Essence Cakery

    5 starsMarch 11, 2013

    1717 East Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX 75074

    I love this place! They have the best cake and cupcakes around! They are careful to avoid cc. Also, friendly people working here. You wouldn't expect it in the garden ridge mall. It's the only place worth going to in that "mall." Update: I bought my sons first birthday cake here and it was both delicious and amazingly designed. LOVE this place!!

  • Mellow Mushroom

    3 starsMarch 09, 2013

    2809 Preston Rd Ste 1200, Frisco, TX 75034

    The pizza I got was pretty good, probably one of the best I've had. The price is pretty high so I most likely wont return. $25 is too much for a pizza anywhere!

  • Frost It Cafe

    2 starsFebruary 19, 2013

    3685 Preston Rd, suite 101, Frisco, TX 75034

    They made a cake for me a couple years ago. I really wasn't very impressed with the texture or taste. Also there was a hair in it which was pretty gross.

  • Fuzzy's Taco Shop

    2 starsJanuary 30, 2013

    3190 South Central Expressway #570, McKinney, TX 75070

    My first time here I ordered chicken nachos. They came out ice cold so I had to get a new order. They were ok but not the kind of food I would have eaten prior to going gf. I can't tell that they really are careful with regard to CC. I probably won't return.

  • MOOYAH Burgers & Fries

    1 starsJanuary 30, 2013

    190 E Stacy Rd #1714, Allen, TX 75002

    My husband witnessed them CC my food with his so we got a refund and left. I don't think they are aware of what Celiac people require. It's mostly teenagers working there.

  • Carrabba's

    2 starsJanuary 30, 2013

    3400 N. Central Expressway, Plano, TX 75074

    It's just not what it was about 10 years ago. The food is very mediocre and the restaurant is kind of dirty. A big bug climbed up my leg the last time I was there.

  • Cuquita's Restaurant

    1 starsJanuary 29, 2013

    8076 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas, TX 75080

    I can not get any info about this place! Every time I call to speak to the manager they aren't there. The one time I reached a supervisor they had no idea what gluten free is, nor does the woman that answers the phone. I would love to try this restaurant but if they can't answer questions on the phone they can't possibly be helpful in person.

  • Chiladas Fresh Mex Grill

    3 starsJanuary 29, 2013

    6145 Windhaven Park Trail, Plano, TX 75093

    Decent food and they seem to be somewhat knowledgeable of gluten free necessity. I just cant say i love the food, its not much better than Taco Cabana in my opinion. Also, the bathrooms are dirty; someone peed in the sink in the mens room. If their bathrooms are dirty it makes me think the employees are too.