About Me

I'm a SUPER sensitive Celiac who always knows within 45 minutes if I've had the slightest bit of cross-contamination.


  • City Landing

    5 starsApril 21, 2014

    255 State Street, Boston, MA 02109

    Wow! A whole, real menu that's all gluten free? Toasted bread with butter (done on a dedicated grill, not toaster, so it's safe), lots of appetizers (we had a side of Mac'n'Cheese, a Trio of Spreads with GF crackers and the Yellow Tomato Bisque, all got excellent marks from kids & adults alike), salads (Caesar was good but "a little too fishy" according to some), sandwiches (grilled chicken w/ Swiss, bacon & basil mayo was really good: moist & flavorful) and both regular and sweet potato fries were perfectly cooked in a GF dedicated fryer. It was an awesome GF dining experience for a Celiac family very sensitive to contamination. We all came out safe, healthy and very happy. Definitely going back again!!

  • Alice's Diner

    5 starsOctober 23, 2012

    2663 S Main St, Fall River, MA 02724

    The absolute BEST gluten-free diner menu I've seen anywhere!!!! And very safe: Alice (owner and chef) has Celiac too and has half the kitchen for "regular food" & the other half is dedicated Gluten Free (including dedicated fryer). I've safely eaten there dozens and dozens of times - never once been contaminated. And the GF menu is huge & full of comfort food faves: meatloaf (to DIE for!), the BEST fish'n' chips EVER (GF or not), sandwiches, cheese rolls, hot wings, homemade onion rings & french fries, sweet rolls, burgers, seafood, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy, crepes.... Its the biggest dedicated GF menu I've ever seen. Open Monday - Saturday for breakfast & lunch (until 2, but sometimes they turn fryer off at 1:30 if slow). If you're in the area you MUST GO to Alice's for some great GF comfort food!!

  • Five Guys

    1 starsOctober 23, 2012

    85D Faunce Corner Road, North Dartmouth, MA 02747

    While I've had great luck at other Five Guys, this one makes me sick from cross contamination more than half the time. And every time I tell them about "the tiniest speck can make me sick" they wave me off with a "yeah, we serve people with 'bun allergies' all the time" Well, those people must get sick all the time, because based on my poor record there they don't take precautions to avoid cross contamination. So I've you're really sensitive, avoid this North Dartmouth franchise.