• Mellow Mushroom

    1 starsNovember 18, 2012

    3455 Bluebonnet Circle, Fort Worth, TX, 76109

    Horrible. Waiter told my husband that he thought the soups were all GF. Then he went and checked after we asked him to and he said he could not guarantee it because of manufacturing but that they contained no gluten ingredients. My husband ordered the mushroom soup, took one bite and could tell there was wheat in it. I asked them to give me a list of the ingredients and sure enough, the label said in bold letters "Contains Wheat". When I calmly tried to explain to the waiter what a serious issue this is for someone with celiac, he began to get defensive and blamed us for the situation. Luckily the manager overheard our conversation, apologized and did not charge us for our meal. Very frustrating, not looking forward to my husband getting sick from this :(