• GoGo Sushi

    4 starsJanuary 15, 2013

    1611 S I-35 Service Rd, Moore, OK 73160

    Sushi was excellent! However, soy sauce is Kikoman original, bring your own gluten free...a couple Kari Out packets in my purse solved that problem! No gluten free menu but the girl at the counter was happy to accommodate and verify each of my choices was safe.

  • Chick-fil-A

    4 starsJanuary 15, 2013

    2001 S Telephone Rd, Moore, OK 73160

    Oh man! their waffle fries are THE BEST! and a dedicated frier keeps them safe. The grilled chicken bites are moist but are just cut chunks of the filet they use for sandwiches; so not as pallet pleasing as an actually nugget portioned before cooking...

  • Mazzio's Italian Eatery

    4 starsJanuary 15, 2013

    101 NE 12th St, Moore, OK 73160

    The gluten free pizza was delicious... tasted like an udi's pizza crust... thinking it probably is. 10" for over $10 is a little pricey and no delivery... but it feels good to be part of the pizza Friday night club :)

  • BJ's Brewhouse

    4 starsDecember 13, 2012

    330 Ed Noble Parkway, Norman, OK 73072

    Yes, a GF menu was available but not very exciting. I was a little dissapointed that some of the dishes that could be made easily gluten free weren't offered that way (I.E. jambalaya). Only GF beer was redbridge. Still it was nice to know what options were safe!