• Noca Coffee House

    5 starsJanuary 02, 2013

    134 Riverside Avenue, Winthrop, WA 98862

    The new owners have just taken over the restaurant and I spoke with her today and she will continue to have gluten-free items on their menu. They currently have coffee drinks, non-coffee items such as juice and other beverages and have gluten-free pastries that are very tasty.

  • Sun Mountain Lodge

    4 starsJanuary 02, 2013

    604 Patterson Lake Road, Winthrop, WA 98862

    They have a dedicated GF menu. Kyle in the Wolf Creek Bar & Grill is very knowledgeable about the menu, friendly and attentive. I would like to see more vegetarian options on the menu and suggest more flavor using herbs & spices in the pasta dish.

  • Carlos 1800

    5 starsJanuary 02, 2013

    149 Riverside Avenue, Winthrop, WA 98862

    Carlos personally worked very hard to put this menu together and the food is plentiful and tasty. Looking forward to going here again.

  • Petrini's

    5 starsDecember 04, 2012

    610 W Ash St, San Diego, CA 92101

    Serves Gluten-Free Penned pasta and pizzas.

  • Thai Corner Cafe

    5 starsDecember 02, 2012

    100 W 2nd St, Reno, NV 89501

    Service, staff, gluten-free options were excellent. They can make almost any meal gluten free. They have gluten-free soy sauce although I didn't use it, the brand she offered is by La Choy. Our Thai server, a young gal with a big smile and happy attitude, also made the evening terrific.