• The Old Spaghetti Factory

    1 starsDecember 04, 2012

    189 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

    While TOSF has always been a favorite in my family, we were sad to see it no longer an option when my husband was diagnosed celiac. Not two weeks later we learned they had gf pasta. We started eating there, and it was great. This location, in Trolley Square, has declined recently though. The pasta is ALWAYS undercooked to the point of still being raw sometimes. We've had to send our pasta back multiple times until they get it right. When cooked properly, the pasta is amazing! The last time we went (about two weeks ago), my husband became violently ill - he'd been glutenized. The location that is further south of SLC, UT has glutenized my husband EVERY SINGLE TIME we've eaten there. We have a three strike rule - three times of glutenizing us, and you're banned. I am now 100% gluten free as well, and have been diagnosed gluten sensitive (small world!). We cannot take the chance of eating at these locations anymore. They're food is so good, when cooked properly. And their staff has the training, they just don't apply it. We have a waitress bring out our food at the same time as the table next to us, and the bread sloshed into my husband's dish. She fixed everything, handed it out, and left. My husband had to get a new meal, and she got huffy about it. No thanks. I'm sorry, TOSF, but you're banned as far as Utah locations are concerned. I hear there are SEVERAL other locations - maybe we can visit those.