Michael S. Smith



  • Boriello Brothers

    2 starsJanuary 04, 2013

    5180 Fontaine Blvd, Fountain, CO 80817

    They need to find a GF flour mixture for their crust. What they are using is a no go. They need to insure a completely seperate prep and cooking (and the utensil they use to cut the slices) to avoid cross contamination. The bigest issue is it just doesn't taste good. I use Bob's Redmill flours at home and they make a much better pizza crust.

  • Red Robin

    5 starsJanuary 04, 2013

    2230 Southgate Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    The staff are always very knowlegeable, concerned and the food tastes good too. I have eaten their several times an have never had an issue. Highly Recommended!

  • Tucanos Brazilian Grill

    4 starsJanuary 04, 2013

    3294 Cinema Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

    I was a customer of the Colorado Springs Tucanos Brazilian Grill recently. I have Celiac Disease an am on a strictly gluten free diet. I notified my waitress of this and she was great. The salad bar was great and well marked with the GF items. The meat service on the skewers was however less than desirable. The servers were not knowledgeable about if the meat they were serving was gluten free or not. I tried to refer to the menu which was marked but it was a futile effort. The servers would carry two skewers of meat at a time and often had a gluten free meat along with a meat that had either been basted or marinated with a sauce containing gluten. They would use the same knife to slice both meats and thusly cross contaminating the meats. I was hoping that I would be lucky but by the time I got home I knew that I had consumed gluten and sufferer the consequences. I think this could have easily been avoided with a little education and training for the servers. Otherwise the food was great and the staff was as well. They just didn’t know.