• Cheeseburger in Paradise

    1 starsNovember 03, 2013

    4670 Southport Crossings Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237

    Usually love this chain and have had really great experiences, but not here. I ask for a gluten free menu and I am told they don't have any because they were too outdated. Then I got a regular menu which was irritating because not all ingredients are listed. Will not frequent this location in the future unless I see major improvement in reviews because it isn't worth the risk of being sick.

  • Rooster

    5 starsApril 28, 2013

    1104 Locust St, St Louis, MO 63101

    A-Mazing. The server and hostesses were very helpful with gluten free options and my crepe was fantastic. And not only was I eating gluten free, I was also eating local and being offered farm fresh ingredients instead of garbage. Thanks!

  • Pi Pizzeria

    5 starsApril 28, 2013

    610 Washington Ave, St Louis, MO 63102

    I didn't pay extra for gluten free crust, for the first time ever. Thanks for not punishing me monetarily because I have a food allergy and you can. I will definitely come back again.