• Wildflour Gluten-Free Baking Company

    5 starsJanuary 22, 2013

    13600 Northeast 20th Street, Suite B, Bellevue, WA 98005

    I adore Wildflour Gluten Free Baking Company. I've never had anything gluten-free that can compare with the texture and flavor of Wildflour. I have fooled many a guest who had no idea the cupcakes they were raving about were gluten free. You absolutely cannot tell the difference, except of course when Wildflour's version is so much better than the gluten equivalent. Our family's favorites include: double chocolate zucchini muffins (don't let the vegetable in the name fool you, EVERY kid loves these) chocolate chip cookies (better than any gluten version I've tasted) honey beer bread (great for kiddos) lemon poppy seed muffins any flavor of pound cake Oh - and we tried the Stuffing Mix for Thanksgiving this year. Everyone agreed it was better than the gluten stuffing! Rebecca (owner) and the rest of the staff are friendly and sweet; you feel like part of the family after only a few orders! Stop by any Saturday and take a look around. The shop is cute and cozy and there are super yummy samples, too! I dare you to try to a sample and not walk out with a muffin in hand; it's simply too good to resist!