• Himalaya Restaurant

    5 starsMay 28, 2014

    78 Margaret St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

    One of the best meals out I've ever had. Delish! Prepared fresh, safe items were clearly marked on the menu. The folks in the restaurant were welcoming and friendly. There were a number of choices, the dish I went with was excellent and served hot. Their medium spicy level was perfect for me. The portions were good sized. My husband enjoyed his meal as well. We will definitely be back to try more of the options.

  • Ground Round

    3 starsMay 28, 2014

    32 Smithfield Boulevard, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

    There are a number of gluten free options, with selections in most categories (salads, beef, chicken, fish/seafood, pork). I had the ribs which were pretty good. The grilled asparagus was good as well but the other roasted veggies had a taste that reminds me of cooked frozen veggies. Overall I would say that for someone that is not super sensitive to cross contamination or who doesn't have additional corn, soy etc... issues, it is a good option. I'd be leery with a celiac diagnosis though. They have the standard disclaimer about they try their best but...

  • Pizza Bono

    1 starsMay 28, 2014

    93 Margaret St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

    Places that can't answer basic questions about their gluten free options have absolutely NO business marketing as having gluten free options. Businesses that are RUDE to someone with a medical condition trying to ascertain whether they can safely eat at said place are going to lose customers. Businesses that apparently have so many customers they can afford to be argumentative and combative with a potential new customer are following a crappy business model and I hope they either straighten up or go away. I for one will never bother with this place after the way I was treated on the phone. If you care more about your health than just trusting people who don't even know who supplies their allegedly gluten free pizza crust, I'd say steer clear of this place.

  • Shane's Rib Shack

    2 starsJanuary 31, 2013

    9404 West Westgate Blvd. Glendale AZ 85305

    Service was good, friendly folks. If you have cross contamination sensitivity impress upon them that if they put bread on the items you won't be able to accept it. I ordered mine without bread and it still came out with a big piece of Texas toast on it. (And my son asked for only lettuce on his burger -not gf- and they still sent it out with onion and tomato on it.) So whoever does the assembly of the orders needs some improvement. Also their stuff is SWEET. Between the pulled pork and the cole slaw I think I probably consumed half a cup of sugar. I'd go there again if I was hungry and couldn't think of someplace better but I'm not likely to choose to go there again otherwise. My non-gf spouse liked it though. :-)