• First Watch

    2 starsMay 26, 2013

    4770 Morse Road, Columbus, OH 43230

    I was very disappointed with the service and menu here. They recently changed menu items & when I came in with my family for Sunday brunch I was told I needed to get on-line to look up the menu - never offered to print it for me so I wouldn't need to search the web - when my phone wouldn't view the full site and I couldn't see my options they did print me a menu. The options are awful - all dressings contain Gluten as well as all condiments (mayo, ketchup. Etc). Talked to the manager and he was friendly but didn't like my complaint. After tying to read through the menu with me he do ally agreed it was very confusing. I told him this change was in the wrong direction and very frustrating & disappointing. Told him I will not be back until I see a more gluten free friendly menu. Also told him to check out Cap City's GF me and compare. Trying to help them out but think they were more on the defense than really listening.