• Ruby Tuesday

    5 starsMarch 17, 2013


    Ruby Tuesday in Niceville has a very knowledgeable wait staff as well as wonderful food. Most of my family are Celiac and have enjoyed eating out at Ruby Tuesdays with no problems at all. Their food is yummy and the portions are enormous, Their Gluten Free menu is extensive so you get a good selection and we have found them always willing to work with us on our order. Lovely people and a lovely restaurant.. I have to revise this review because my daughter and I got glutened the last time we went there. We saw the classic BBQ sauce on the gluten free menu and called in to make sure it was indeed gluten free.We were told it was. It wasn't. Now we are both very sick. It is the first time anything like this has happened with Ruby Tuesdays. Ordinarily they are so good and knowledgeable. They told us that the menu had been revamped. DO NOT eat the ribs with classic BBQ sauce if you need to be gluten free.

  • Bonefish Grill

    1 starsFebruary 18, 2013

    4447 Commons Dr. E , Destin,FL 32541

    The food at Bonefish Grill was very tasty and the staff did appear to be very knowledgeable about my needs for gluten free foods however we ordered takeout and when we got home and opened one of the to go bags I pulled out a huge bread roll. I was glutened. We all washed up and opened the dinner portions and they all appeared to be fine. They were very tasty.the Chilean Sea Bass in lemon butter sauce was lovely and the Creme Brulee was so yummy. When I called in about the bread they explained that so many people would have been upset to not receive it that they included it on all orders... even my gluten free order. I had to explain that I was "allergic" before the manager said that next time they would take special care with my order. I wish I could feel safe ordering from them again as the food I did eat tasted so wonderful but it is not worth my health.