• Rubio's

    1 starsFebruary 22, 2013

    2776 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, CA 95630

    I have Celiac's disease and had a horrible experience at this Rubio's today. I ordered their grande bowl and made sure the ingredients I chose did not contain gluten. I also explained to the cashier that I have a wheat allergy (easier than explaining Celiacs) and that I needed them to be careful in preparing my food. When I received my food, I noticed that there was no acknowledgement of a wheat allergy on my receipt or on the order slip. I went to talk to the manager and he basically said none of my chosen ingredients had gluten and that they didn't need to notify the food preparer about my allergy. I know there are cross contamination risks when eating out, but if the person preparing the food has no idea someone has an allergy, they will not take any precautions to help prevent cross contamination. Even though my kids love their food, I am very disappointed in Rubios and will not be going back. The most disturbing part was the manager's lack of concern for either my safety or any one else's.