• Pie High Pizza

    5 starsApril 20, 2013

    441 Mill Street, Fontana-on-Geneva Lake, WI 53125

    Fabulous gluten free pizza. Crust comes in to shop premade so no cross contamination.

  • Cafe Calamari

    5 starsApril 20, 2013

    8 East Geneva Street, Williams Bay, WI 53191

    Fabulous Italian food and extensive gluten free menu. I have eaten here many times and love the chicken Marsala. The pasta was over cooked so I go with the meat dishes and they are consistently delicious. Never gotten sick from cross contamination. Delicious grilled calamari and amazing house salad dressing. A gluten free diners must if in the Lake Geneva area.

  • Stripburger

    5 starsMarch 07, 2013

    3200 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    This is a lettuce entertain you restaurant, and for those of you who don't know, takes gluten free very seriously. Strip Burger offers shakes without Malt, burgers made on Gluten free buns and French fries made in a designated gluten free fryer. There is not a gluten free menu BUT when I asked the hostess, she immediate through out the options as well as gluten free fryer. The waitress was knowledgable too, and when my food was ready, them manager personally brought it to my table and announced it was gluten free. Highly recommend! This place is amazing!!