• The GF Chef

    5 starsSeptember 20, 2014

    5221 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97213

    The GF Chef is simply delicious! The GF chicken has a super crunchy crust and is fried to perfection! Ask for extra honey mustard dipping sauce - it is great! Also, the corn dog was fantastic-not too greasy, and the batter has a slightly sweet taste. It does take time to get your meal, but that's because almost every meal is fresh made - nothing sitting around under a heat lamp! And the prices are very reasonable.

  • Slappy Cakes

    5 starsSeptember 20, 2014

    4246 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215

    Slappy Cakes is excellent! We shared the 8 oz. GF pancake mix bottle. The pancakes are thick and have a great flavor. I had the organic hot chocolate, which was delicious and full of chocolate flavor. The grits and cheese special is the star of the menu-southern grits, cheddar & Parmesan cheese, pork belly, and two eggs (your way). This dish is tremendous and should not be missed!!!

  • P.F. Chang's

    5 starsJuly 08, 2014

    10700 Stockdale Highway, Bakersfield, CA 93311

    Excellent food and a decent amount of choices that include dessert as well. I had the shrimp in lobster sauce - just fantastic!

  • Sweet Surrender

    4 starsJuly 08, 2014

    6439 Ming Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93309

    Excellent soft chocolate chip cookies and almond horn cookie - really delicious! The chocolate cake was moist but a bit gummy (texture). The cake did have a deep chocolate flavor!

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    5 starsJuly 07, 2014

    10150 Stockdale Hwy., Bakersfield, CA 93311

    Excellent GF pizza! I had the mushroom, pepperoni, and sausage and it had so much flavor! The crust was nice and crisp & perfectly golden brown on the bottom.

  • Pearl's Bake Shoppe

    5 starsJuly 02, 2014

    711 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22903

    This is what gluten free baking should taste like - simply delicious! I had the red velvet cupcake and the sweet potato ham biscuit. The red velvet was moist and delicious and had a generous amount of frosting - enough for very bite. The sweet potato biscuit was slight sweet and soft, not crumbly, but the ham was just a little too salty. Run, don't walk, to Pearl's!

  • Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

    3 starsJune 22, 2014

    1133 Emmet St N, Charlottesville, VA 22903

    I had the GF Chicken Florentine and it was pretty good. It comes on its own metal serving tray I'm guessing so there is no cross contamination in the oven. The crust edges were dark brown but the centers of the slices were "floppy" and not toasted. The toppings are good but the bacon stands out-salty good! The wait staff is great! I also had the nut torta. It was a bit dry but everything really tastes better with Nutella!

  • Z'Tejas

    5 starsMay 06, 2014

    20 W. 6th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281

    Great food (if you like spicy I do)! I had the seafood paella and it was just delicious! It had a good number of clams, shrimp, scallops.There have several other GF dishes, but the general comments were "this is spicy".

  • Totally Gluten Free Bakery Limited

    5 starsApril 28, 2014

    477b Blenheim Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch, New Zealand 8042

    TGF is excellent! They cater to the GF community and are knowledgeable about food allergies. I had the chocolate chip cookies, which were ok, the cinnamon roll, which had a lot of flavor, and the mini chocolate donuts, which were the stars of the show. I loved that the donuts are bite sized and come in a resealable container. The donut itself has a slight crisp/crunch to the exterior so when you bite through the chocolate you get a bit of crunch-simply delicious!!!! A definite must for those with a GF sweet tooth.

  • La Porchetta

    4 starsApril 28, 2014

    484 Cranford St, Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand 8052

    La Porchetta's pizza is very good! The crust only comes in one size-medium. I had the GF American (hot salami or pepperoni) on one day and went back a second time and had the Original Porchetta (a mild sausage with basil and olive oil). Both days the pizza was very good. It could use a bit more sauce, but that may be a New Zealand "thing". The crust was thin and crisp - very good for GF!

  • Hell Pizza

    5 starsApril 28, 2014

    384 Ferry Rd, Phillipstown, New Zealand 8023

    Hell pizza is really great pizza! The crust is a thin crust and comes in a snack or medium size, but all types of pizzas can be made. I had the purgatory with chicken and it was crisp and crunchy! A definite if you are GF and in the area!

  • Mrs Parma's

    5 starsApril 24, 2014

    25 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC, Australia 3000

    Mrs. Parma's is excellent! I had the GF veal Floater (comes with mushy peas and mashed potatoes and GF gravy) - simply delicious! The meal also comes with chips (so crispy on the outside) & salad for the table. It was so good that we went back the next day for lunch :-). I had the GF chicken puttanesca (olives, anchovies, capers) day 2 and it too was simply delicious! I wish we lived in Melbourne so we could eat here every week!

  • TruFire Kitchen & Bar

    5 starsMarch 12, 2014

    6959 Lebanon Road, Frisco, TX 75034

    I had the gf pita and hummus as an appetizer. The bread was more like a flat piece of bread than pita but it was warm and delicious. For my main meal I had the diablo gf pasta with sausage. The dish was spectacular! TruFire has set the bar for how gf pasta can taste! We will definitely be back.

  • Shady's Burger Joint

    5 starsDecember 27, 2013

    2701 Custer Parkway #915, Richardson, TX 75080

    Excellent!!! This place is a must - the meat is extra juicy, is well seasoned, and tastes super fresh. It tastes like a classic burger should!!! And the Local Oven gluten free bread is soft and delicious - couldn't tell it was GF. The fries are really good & well seasoned also. The sweet tea is a must - mix with a little unsweetened tea to get just the right mix. Food was slow to arrive despite being the second ones in the restaurant, but well worth the wait. We will definitely be back!

  • Reverie Bakeshop

    5 starsDecember 26, 2013

    1930 North Coit Road, Richardson, Texas

    The oatmeal cookie sandwich is ridiculously delicious! The oatmeal cookie is super soft and unbelievably great! Then the marshmallow creamy frosting in between hits the sugary spot!!! So fantastic-no wonder they sell out everyday!!!! Will definitely be back for more!!!

  • Little Greek Restaurants

    4 starsDecember 26, 2013

    1920 North Coit Road #241, Richardson, TX 75080

    Really good lamb gyros! The beef gyro meat is not gluten free, but they have other options like lamb, chicken, etc. The pita bread is more bread-like than pita, but it is still good. The gyro plate/platter comes with rice and a salad. Good amount of food especially for lunch.

  • Chicago Style Pizzeria

    4 starsNovember 05, 2013

    1500 E Empire St, Bloomington, IL 61701

    GF pizza is really delicious! I had the chicken, spinach, feta cheese pizza. It had big chunks of chicken on every slice and the cheese was perfectly melted. I would have given them 5 stars, but I could have used more sauce.

  • BriSkit Gourmet Slow Cooked Sandwiches

    5 starsOctober 26, 2013

    160 Wilkinson Road, Unit #40, Brampton, ON L6T4Z4

    BriSkit is not to be missed! It truly is a gem of a place for GFers. The owner is very knowledgeable about GF and Celiac. He makes his own sausage and franks so he knows what goes into his products. He is very conscious about keeping separate dedicated fryers and separate utensils for GF and non-GF food . And if you go on Friday, it is fish and chips day! The batter is nice and golden brown and the chips are great! Definitely not to be missed!

  • Rawlicious

    4 starsOctober 25, 2013

    2122 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada M6S 1M8

    We went in just for dessert. The pumpkin pie was excellent!!! It was full of flavor and the nut crust was an excellent touch! The carrot cake bite was ok, but for the size and cost ($2) it is a bit expensive. I just wish they had a bigger dessert selection.

  • Voila Gluten-Free Bakeree

    5 starsOctober 25, 2013

    22 Lakeshore Rd W #6, Oakville, ON L6K 1C5

    Excellent little gem of a bakery!!! The vanilla cupcake was simply delicious & the frosting was perfect! The carrot cake should not be missed either-it was packed full of delicious flavor and also topped with wonderful frosting!

  • The Works

    5 starsOctober 25, 2013

    149 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 2Z4

    The burgers are excellent and I couldn't tell the difference with the GF bun vs. a regular bun. The bun was soft and the same size as the burger (which isn't the case with most GF buns). The fries were also great!

  • Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill

    3 starsOctober 25, 2013

    6300 Silver Dart Drive, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5P 1B2

    Food was good and staff was friendly, but not very knowledgeable about GF. They do have an allergy guide that can help with food choices.

  • Victoria's Gluten Free Bistro

    5 starsOctober 25, 2013

    680 Silver Creek Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5A3K7

    Simply delicious! I had the GF Penne Vodka. It was very flavorful. I couldn't tell that it was GF. The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable about GF and Celiac's.

  • Legal Sea Foods

    5 starsOctober 21, 2013

    5 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601

    If you want GF seafood done right go to Legal Sea Foods. They have truly mastered the fried oysters and shrimp. I tried the oyster appetizer and asked my husband, "should we make sure these aren't 'regular fried oysters'?" because they were so good. Our waitress confirmed that other patrons had tried to return the dish, because they couldn't believe it was GF either. Run, don't walk, to Legal's.

  • Unrefined Bakery

    5 starsOctober 15, 2013

    3411 Preston Road, Frisco, TX 75034

    Unrefined Bakery is an excellent place for those with wheat and soy allergies. The staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable. They take the time to walk you through ingredients and what you can/cannot have based on your specific allergies. And most importantly the food is delicious!!! Multiple samples are available to familiarize customers with the products. The ginger rusk and carrot cake cupcake in particular are standouts for moistness, texture, and flavor! This is a definite go-to shop for those who want great tasting baked goods without gluten, soy, etc.

  • Le Peep

    5 starsAugust 31, 2013

    7151 Preston Rd #451d, Frisco, TX 75034

    Excellent GF options! I had the lumberjack: two eggs, bacon, potatoes, and 2 GF pancakes - very delicious!! Pancakes were light, fluffy, and slightly golden-just the way I like them.

  • Kyra's Bake Shop

    5 starsAugust 26, 2013

    599 A Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

    Kyra's Bake Shop (formerly Crave Bake Shop) is Portland's hidden gem. We had the GF cinnamon roll (warmed) and it was hands down the best cinnamon role we've ever had. It was full of great cinnamon and sugar and topped with a wonderful icing that runs down the roll when heated. At the bottom of the roll is a wonderful oooey, gooey goodness that begs for you to lick the wrapper clean. Kyra really has found her calling making truly amazing GF treats!!!

  • Fried Egg I'm in Love

    5 starsAugust 25, 2013

    3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR, United States

    It doesn't get much better than the Siracha-mix-a-lot! GF bread, fried egg, havarti, tomato, avocado, ham, and Siracha - perfect breakfast sandwich!!!

  • Cultured Caveman

    5 starsAugust 25, 2013

    1477 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

    Excellent GF tenders - light coating, not heavy or greasy. Meatloaf was delicious!

  • Old Wives’ Tales

    4 starsAugust 24, 2013

    1300 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

    Excellent open faced GF Greek sandwich with chicken - tons of flavor. The GF Moroccan bread pudding was an interesting take on traditional bread pudding - lots of deep, rich flavor! I wish there were more GF soup options.

  • Mississippi Pizza Pub

    5 starsAugust 24, 2013

    3552 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227

    Excellent GF crust!!! Best GF crust I've had - hands down! The "Heart Stopper" is a must - it is very meaty and the cheese and sauce are delicious.

  • Corbett Fish House

    5 starsAugust 24, 2013

    5901 SW Corbett Ave, Portland, OR 97239

    Absolutely delicious food! I would definitely recommend the calamari, oysters, and carrot cake - super yummy! The jalapeño tartar sauce was a great spicy dipping sauce - even for the fries!

  • Essence Cakery

    5 starsJuly 13, 2013

    1717 East Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX 75074

    Simply delicious! I had the GF vanilla and it was the best cupcake I've ever had! The cupcake was super moist and light & it came with a generous amount of frosting. My husband had the GF lemon and he loved it! Betty, the owner, will also work with you to meet your needs. Super friendly folks!

  • Kenny's Italian Kitchen

    1 starsJuly 05, 2013

    5100 Belt Line Rd #764, Dallas, TX 75254

    I was very disappointed with my GF meal and my husband was also disappointed in his non-GF/"normal" meal. At best, we would rate the meal mediocre. We had the GF calamari, which is made with GF breadcrumbs & resulted in a pile of crumbs on the calamari. While all dishes (except the pizza, lasagna, and ravioli) can be made GF it really means that they will just substitute GF penne pasta, which doesn't work with every dish. My GF penne was way overcooked and the dish lacked depth of flavor. My husband's pesto gnocchi was mushy and the pesto cream also lacked flavor. On the plus side, service was good and they were knowledgeable about GF and cross contamination. We were told that if we called a day in advance that maybe a GF lasagna could be prepared. They are accommodating, but the food just isn't good.

  • Domino's

    4 starsJuly 04, 2013

    2405 Farm to Market 423, Little Elm, TX 75068

    The new gluten free pizza is delicious! The crust was buttery, thin, and crunchy! So good!Thank you Domino's for making a gluten free delivery pizza!

  • String Bean

    4 starsApril 14, 2013

    1310 W Campbell Rd #110, Richardson, TX 75080

    The GF menu is limited - grilled fish, salad, GF hamburgers, and pot roast. The gravy-less pot roast was surprisingly moist and flavorful! The squash was soft and delicious and the mashed potatoes were the true star of the meal!

  • Company Cafe

    5 starsApril 13, 2013

    3136 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201

    The Johnny Rocket (chicken and pancakes) was amazing. The dish came with two fried boneless chicken breasts and two pancakes with jalapeños and bacon & syrup on the side. The chicken was AMAZING - light, crispy, and not oily. I couldn't get enough! The chicken fried steak with gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans was also delicious; however, the gravy could have used less pepper. We will definitely be back for more-maybe on GF Pizza Tuesday :-)

  • Bartaco

    2 starsApril 07, 2013

    1 Willett Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573

    I got there when they first opened. The staff was not prepared for service and was very unprofessional (yelling at each other about paychecks, not having a car for work, etc.). It took 25 minutes to get my to go order of 3 tacos and beans. The food was good, but completely overshadowed by the time it took and the atmosphere created by the wait staff.

  • Two Rows Classic Grill

    5 starsApril 06, 2013

    711 Central Expy S, Allen, TX 75013

    GF menu is small but varied. The fried pickles were delicious-light, not oily, and well seasoned!! Fried pickles serving was more than enough for two. The chicken tenders were great-light, not oily. And the French fries were also really good!! We will be back to try the rest of the menu.

  • From Across the Pond

    5 starsMarch 16, 2013

    8447 Boulevard 26, North Richland Hills, TX 76180

    Really great GF food with a great selection of GF dishes. The marinara sauce served with the cheesy garlic bread was fantastic. The fish was crisp and lightly coated. The chips were a nice golden brown. On the non GF menu, the bangers and mash should not be missed. We will definitely be back!

  • Studio Movie Grill

    3 starsMarch 11, 2013

    4721 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093

    GF pizza crust is ok and GF hamburger bun must have been frozen because it was cold in the middle.

  • Genghis Grill

    4 starsMarch 11, 2013

    3211 Preston Road #3, Frisco, TX 75034

    Staff was very knowledgeable about GF and immediately knew which sauces to avoid.

  • Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe

    4 starsMarch 10, 2013

    2572 Merrick Rd, Bellmore, NY 11710

    The cinnamon crumble is to die for! Sugar cookies are also delicious!

  • Strictly Gluten Free

    5 starsMarch 10, 2013

    396 Larkfield Rd, East Northport, NY 11731

    Best collection of GF items I've ever found! Strictly GF makes it easy to do 1-stop GF shopping!

  • Whole Foods

    4 starsMarch 10, 2013

    110 Bloomingdale Rd, White Plains, NY 10605

    Nice selection of GF sweet treats! Don't miss the pecan pie in the frozen section.

  • Uno Chicago Grill

    3 starsMarch 10, 2013

    14 Martine Ave, White Plains, NY 10606

    GF pizza crust was ok - tasted packaged and was not thoroughly heated all the way through to center.

  • 97 Lake Sports Cafe & Restaurant

    5 starsMarch 10, 2013

    97 Lake Street, White Plains, NY 10604

    Excellent food! The best GF restaurant! We were in town on business and ate at 97 Lake 3 times in 5 days - and that's only because they were closed on the two days we didn't eat there. The bread for the GF lobster roll and cheesesteak was delicious! Don't miss out on the bread pudding with ice cream! I wish we had a 97 Lake in TX!

  • Five Guys

    2 starsMarch 10, 2013

    8240 Preston Road, Plano, TX 75024

    Rating is for GF which means no bun at Five Guys. This isn't a hamburger. Please get GF buns!

  • Freebirds

    4 starsMarch 10, 2013

    8240 Preston Rd Ste 115, Plano, Texas 75024

    Great selection of fresh ingredients.

  • Mellow Mushroom

    4 starsMarch 10, 2013

    2809 Preston Rd Ste 1200, Frisco, TX 75034

    The best GF pizza in town - mighty meaty is delicious!

  • Scotty P's

    4 starsMarch 10, 2013

    5110 Eldorado Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034

    Great chili and Caesar salad burger on GF bun!