• Chili's

    2 starsApril 24, 2013

    8376 La Palma Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620

    There is a disclaimer on the menu that there may be cross contamination in food prep areas. GF menu limited. One rice bad, another rice ok. Tortilla strips and fried foods are off limits. Understaffed & slow. Overheard other customers complain of cold food. Decided not to stay. If there are that many problems on a Wed night after 8 pm, imagine a busy time!

  • Claim Jumper

    3 starsMarch 28, 2013

    7971 Beach Blvd., BUENA PARK, CA

    Food was fine, the wait was not! We arrived about 7:20 on a Thursday eve. Was told the wait was about 20 min for 2, which was about right. Didn't get food until 8:30, so a bit slow. The GF menu is pretty good, more meat than chicken, seafood and vegetarian. I tried the chicken quesadilla which is on corn tortilla. It was kind of crispy which I didn't expect. There was a good amount of chicken, although it could have had more beans or seasoning inside. I added the salsa and it worked. I didn't see any GF desserts. Server disappeared after the first bite, had to wait for the bill. Left at 9:00. Overall, food was decent, service slow, whether it was the kitchen or server, not sure. One toilet stall out of tp.

  • Outback Steakhouse

    5 starsMarch 28, 2013

    7575 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90622

    The staff has been knowledgable and helpful every time I've eaten at Outback. No reactions and everything has been delicious. If you are salt sensitive, may want to request low salt for the meat.