Frank G



  • Tabor Mountain Bakehouse

    1 starsApril 18, 2013

    111 1/2 E. Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

    I also have a similar experience as a past customer, I also came to the store a little after 8 and the shelves were empty. I asked why and they replied with a snotty answer as if ME the CUSTOMER was being so inconvenient because I was expecting to find shelves with food on them at a BAKERY!!! This place has become sooooo unprofessional recently, I have been coming to this bakery since it opened last year and the employees always seem to be different and they are always running short of product. To me this seems like a management or ownership problem. They say they carry bread too, really? When? Every time I go there it's gone or sorry not today sir, what the heck kind of business is this. It's a lazy, dirty establishment which does not care about its customers period. Thanks for your time to read this. I 100% do not recommend this sad excuse for a bakehouse to anyone.