• Pizza Ranch

    2 starsJanuary 26, 2015

    2003 18th Street, Spirit Lake, IA 51360

    The staff does seem to take care that the gluten free pizza is safe, but I wonder if that is true during busy hours. The crust tends to be undercooked so the pizza is gooey. Use caution if you are Celiac. The staff went through toppings with me and basically only cheese pizza and veg pizza are gluten free. (Not the specialty pizzas or dessert pizzas).

  • Carino's

    4 starsJanuary 26, 2015

    2310 South Louise Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57106

    The food is pretty good, I haven't had a problem with cross contamination, but I steer clear of pizza (as it is a shared oven). However, the vegetables and chicken are excellent.

  • Camille's Sidewalk Cafe

    1 starsJanuary 26, 2015

    1216 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

    You know, the staff was very knowledgeable about cross contamination, but I'm not sure that translated to whoever made my food. They probably can do celiac correctly, just maybe not all employees. I had a gf wrap and salad and was throwing up within five hours of eating it. I went with a friend who does not have celiac and they did not get sick, which is why I believe it was a cross contamination issue.

  • Mint Restaurant and Bistro

    5 starsOctober 07, 2013

    U.S. 71, Arnolds Park, IA 51331

    Fantastic! Only a couple of the sauces are not gluten-free in this establishment and those come on the side. I was very impressed with their dedication to having a safe kitchen free of cross contamination. The Vietnamese inspired menu is naturally gluten-free, so I feel great not eating food with dozens of ingredients (as most gf products have)!

  • Tony's La Pizzeria

    2 starsOctober 07, 2013

    407 Main Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

    While I didn't have any cross contamination problems (which is always my biggest concern) the pizza crust was pretty gummy, the cheese was barely melted and the three toppings I added were practically non-exsistent. It was basically your basic grocery store gf pizza crust.

  • Bracco

    1 starsMay 12, 2013

    5001 S Western Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

    Well I thought I'd give Braccos a try when family wanted to go. But, at first, I was told I could not order off the gluten-free menu because they were only serving the buffet brunch. Eventually, they let me order off the menu but I was skeptical about the dressings (some said directly they contained soy sauce). So I ordered dressing-less salad with chicken. Bland and boring, but at least safe to eat. Would never come back with the expense seeing as there are much better, flavorful options in Sioux Falls.

  • Brasa

    5 starsApril 29, 2013

    777 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

    Dedicated fryers, all gluten free menu (minus the 3 bread item), helpful and friendly staff. This was the BEST gluten-free meal I have ever eaten at a restaurant. (Celiac who easily gets sick at the the smallest cross contamination).

  • Grille 26

    4 starsApril 06, 2013

    1716 S Western Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

    Not too many choices, but the waitstaff were very knowledgeable about gluten-free. Excellent experience on a busy night.

  • Godfather's Pizza

    3 starsApril 06, 2013


    I spoke with the employees about cross contamination risk with gluten free pizza and was very impressed with their knowledge and training. It still tastes like a so-so pizza, but that is how I felt with their pizza before I ate gluten free.

  • Sanaa's

    4 starsApril 06, 2013

    401 East 8th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57103

    Excellent food! Gracious and kind staff. The gluten free bread is kind of like a deflated quinoa cookie-which makes it a little bitter. But I appreciate her use of whole grains.

  • A Taste of the Big Apple

    5 starsApril 06, 2013

    600 N Main Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

    I have eaten here numerous times and am incredibly impressed by the gluten-free pizza. It is made with a whole grain sorghum flour blend instead of the cheap sugary rice flour that so many gluten free products are made of. Best place in town to eat and feel safe as a Celiac.