• Bricktown Brewery

    3 starsNovember 08, 2014

    318 Garrison Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901

    I was able to order a cheeseburger on a gluten free bun. (I think it was Udi's.) I requested the sauce on the side. (similar to thousand island dressing.) They told me the sweet potato fries were gluten free, but then when it came, told me it was fried with breaded items. I chose not to eat it because I'm very sensitive. After asking multiple questions, I found out the bacon potato salad was gluten free. It was very good, although a bit heavy on the rosemary. Overall, the food was pretty good. Next time I'm going to ask for my meat to be cooked to medium (they cooked it well done) so it isn't quite so dry. They also have apple orchard gf hard cider. I didn't get it, but it is available. The waitstaff weren't very knowledgeable but were willing to ask and at one point I had 3 servers helping me even when it was busy. Overall, I'd recommend but be very explicit.

  • La Huerta Mexican Restaurant

    3 starsSeptember 01, 2014

    5605 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903

    I ordered tacos with beans and rice. My waiter had no clue what a gluten allergy was and was unhelpful but finally went to get the manager. He seemed to know what he was talking about, and told me the tacos with rice and beans should be safe. He told me the enchilada sauce had flour in it so don't order that. I didn't get sick, but the food wasn't very good. The taco meat had the texture of cat food and the chips (from the chips and salsa) were stale and definitely not made fresh. So I would suggest getting something else there and requesting a manager.

  • Chick-fil-A

    4 starsAugust 10, 2014

    6810 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903

    Dedicated fryer for the fries. I always get the grilled nuggets and explain I'm gluten free. I've eaten there several times and only got sick once, when I used avocado ranch dressing as dip. (it said it was gf but I got very ill as did my gluten-eating husband.) I don't get that sauce anymore and I'm very safe.

  • El Chico

    4 starsJuly 25, 2014

    5215 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903

    They do have a piece of paper with their gluten free menu. (insist because sometimes their staff is ignorant of it) It is not extensive but the food is good. I frequently get the beans and cheese nachos. I've never gotten sick and I've eaten there probably 5 times. I can't remember if the chips are gf, I think they are, but I always eat them.

  • Las Americas Too

    4 starsJuly 25, 2014

    1806 Zero St, Fort Smith, AR 72901

    They don't have a gluten free menu, but I've eaten here so many times and never gotten sick. Their corn pupusas are gluten free and so delicious. Many dishes are made with corn or rice and do not have gluten. The food is also very cheap.

  • MarketPlace Grill

    3 starsJuly 25, 2014

    8302 Phoenix Avenue, Fort Smith, AR 72903

    They do have a gf menu. I've eaten here twice, and gotten sick once. Their shrimp tacos were good, but not much food for the money. Most of the sides are NOT gluten free because they're fried with others. They're ribs are yummy, and the sauce is gf. But my mashed potatoes were cold, and the salad came with croutons, despite my explicitly explaining.

  • Bliss Cupcake Cafe

    5 starsJuly 25, 2014

    7110 Rogers Avenue, 111, Fort Smith, AR 72903

    I've had their cupcakes several times and never been sick. They do make glutenous cupcakes, but are careful to keep the gf cupcakes on the top. They serve 3 gf types each day. You can check which ones they're serving on their website menu. My favorite is the lemon. But the funfetti and strawberry are also good. They cost $3 each (same as glutenous ones) but they're worth it.

  • McAlister's Deli

    1 starsJuly 25, 2014

    7110 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903

    OMG, overpriced and terrible food. I asked for a gf menu and the lady at the counter handed me a single sheet of paper with allergen info. While they do have bread, she seemed very uncertain of managing cc, so I ordered a baked potato. It was the driest and nastiest potato I have ever had. And it was over $7. (granted it was large) I sent my food back. They did give me a refund. (My husband who could order glutenous food did and said his was non good either.) Definitely avoid

  • Van's Pig Stands

    3 starsJuly 20, 2014

    3815 N Harrison St, Shawnee, OK 74804

    The ribs were gluten free but not very good. The hamburger was okay, and they charged additional for the bun. The twice baked potato was dry. Definitely don't get the sides as theyre fried in contaminated oil. And if you get the burger, make sure to get the miracle whip on the side due to possible cc.

  • Mutt's Amazing Hot Dogs

    5 starsJuly 20, 2014

    1400 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

    So good. They have a list up front of what is gluten free and what isnt. The duck-fat fries have no cc, and are delicious. I had a burger and the bun was yummy. They did charge 1.5 more though. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Zio's Italian Kitchen

    5 starsJuly 20, 2014

    12 E California Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

    This was great. They served regular bread and dipping sauce to my husband, and then I was able to order gluten free flatbread to go with my seperate dipping plate. It is the pizza crust and its flavorful and delish. They also didn't charge any extra for it. They have a seperate menu and the pizza was yummy. They cook it in a brick oven. Just have any gluten eaters keep their bread as far away from you as possible as waitstaff would come by and wave loaves in the air asking if they wanted more.

  • The Melting Pot

    5 starsJuly 20, 2014

    4 E Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

    Our waiter was very friendly and knowledgable about gluten free. Since I was sharing with a gluten-eater, we had to only choose things from the gf menu. There were lots of choices, and with the chocolate fondue, some of the dippers included gf brownie bites (which were amazing), marshmallows, gf poundcake, and fruit. With the cheese, they serve whole grain gluten free bread. It tasted like buckwheat. Very flavorful. Definitely check it out if you want something special.

  • West Meadow Farm Bakery

    5 starsApril 21, 2013

    34 Park St, Essex Junction, VT 05452

    Wow, this is the best gf bakery around. I've tried their bagels which are chewy and my gluten-eating husband said he couldn't tell they were gf. I also love their cupcake with peanut butter frosting, muffins (sour cream crumb cake is my fave), and cheddar garlic bread. Ooh boy. Their oatmeal bread is okay, but I'll only eat it toasted. Definitely give them a try. You won't be disappointed.

  • Sweetwaters

    4 starsApril 12, 2013

    120 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401

    The nachos were delicious. I didn't react at all. My husband is a wheat eater but ordered off the gf menu so I could try the burger. The bun was gf and good. The mashed potatoes were the best I've ever had.

  • Magnolia Bistro

    5 starsApril 12, 2013

    1 Lawson Ln, Burlington, VT 05401

    This place was awesome! Definitely worth the wait. The waitress seemed knowledgeable and accommodating. They had homemade ketchup in a little dish on the table and when I requested a new one (avoiding contamination) they happily obliged. I ordered the potato pancakes with sour cream. Delicious! The gf bread was also very good.