Brian Edward


  • Tabor Mountain Bakehouse

    5 starsApril 14, 2013

    111 1/2 E. Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

    We have multiple food allergies in our household and have never been able to freely eat out because we have too many dietary concerns. We are so grateful to have found Tabor Mountain. Our kids can be "normal" kids and ask for anything on the menu without being scared of tummy aches. We also love that everything is organic and free of chemicals and dyes. Stopping in on a Saturday for fair trade coffee and a cinnamon roll? We cannot believe it's actually possible for us to do! The entire staff is gluten free along with other food allergies, so they get it. They live it. They have suffered like the rest of us and have the same fears about eating out. The owner is also a registered nurse, and is a wealth of knowledge regarding resources and referrals. We absolutely recommend Tabor Mtn to everyone we know that is living with the same issues as us. On one final note: As far as the previous negative comments regarding rude customer service or minimal menu availablity, I think we are all better off with these people going elsewhere. I would not want my children to witness such entitled behavior while we are enjoying our treats. I think "skibunny" has a lot more issues than just not enough donuts.