• Fresh Thyme Soup Co.

    5 starsSeptember 14, 2013

    16155 NW Cornell Rd, Beaverton, OR 97006

    Their yam and lentil soup is amazing! My two year old loved it, and I wished that I had ordered the same for me (so I ordered some to go, actually). We were tired of Chipotle, despite the great food there. Needed a different gluten free dairy free option. Glad we discovered this place, and glad my two year old will actually eat soups (my first child would never, and still won't). I didn't inquire about cross contamination measures. Probably should have. They have so many GF options, I guess I just decided to trust that they know a thing or two about that. Hope that was an okay way to go!

  • Smokejumper Cafe

    4 starsJune 13, 2013

    721 Airport Rd, Gallatin National Forest, West Yellowstone, Mt 59758

    Located at the tiny West Yellowstone airport. The owner/chef's girlfriend has celiac disease and multiple food allergies/intolerances, so he knows his stuff when it comes to cross contamination and modifying foods. He has a dedicated GF waffle iron and grill. He made a GF pancake for my daughter that had ears, chocolate chip eyes, and an orange wedge mouth :) The non-GF food was very good. One caution for those with young kids, the chef is a nice guy, but doesn't seem to enjoy kids or be very understanding/okay with the natural chaos that comes with the territory if young kids. He didn't say anything to us, but how he felt about our rowdy 2 and 4 year old was sometimes visible on his face (had been in a car for a few hrs before we stopped to eat here). Particularily when my 4 year old decided to smear rain water on the outside of his glass window. Totally not cool that my kid did that, but any parent or person who gets kids would kind of roll with it and probably laugh it off. The look on this guy's face was mixture if disgust and disbelief, kind of how you might react if you were witnessing a teenager doing the same thing. Needless to say, I had my son wipe the window down and apologize. Anyway, it is totally this guy's right to not be a kid-person, but just thought I would warn those traveling with kids. The food is great, and the way the chef accommodates people who are GF or have other food allergies is great and so appreciated.

  • Rumbi

    3 starsJune 05, 2013

    4193 Riverdale Rd, Ogden, UT 84405

    Had the chicken/veggies/rice bowl with the GF teriyaki sauce. Nice to have a GF option other than pasta or pizza, but I really disliked this meal. The sauce was sickly sweet had the consistency of an artificial dessert syrup and the chicken was rubbery with pieces of chewy fat. It was equivalent to (and arguably tasted worse) than the microwaveable teriyaki bowls I used to buy from the Costco freezer section. The chicken pieces even appeared to have fake grill marks on them (but I could be wrong). Were the sauce more natural and less of a dessert sauce and the chicken actually had the taste and texture of real, freshly grilled chicken (therefore, please use natural, unprocessed chicken and grill it same day on-site), I would eat there again. As the meal is now, I won't. The owners of this restaurant should go try the chicken at places such as Chipotle and move towards that level of natural, healthy, and way better tasting food.

  • Vinto Pizzeria

    5 starsJune 05, 2013

    900 Main Street, Park City, UT 84060

    Loved this place! My GF/CF daughter devoured her Ancient Harvest brand pasta with marinara sauce. I tasted it, and it was the best texture and flavor of at least 4 restaurants she has had pasta at during our past month of travel. The restaurant offers a gluten free pizza crust too. Staff seemed knowledgeable about GF. Their standard food was fantastic for those of us not eating GF. Prices were very reasonable. Less than $10 for my lasagna entree, for example. Would definitely go back.

  • Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen

    5 starsMay 20, 2013

    1855 Arizona 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

    More GF options than I have ever seen a single restaurant. My 2 year old had GF spaghetti with a meatball and unfiltered apple juice. I think the meal was mostly, if not all organic as well. Very nice restaurant in general, nice service, and a GF surprise on our road trip through Arizona.

  • Erik's DeliCafe

    5 starsMay 14, 2013

    2 N Market St #105, San Jose, CA 95113

    Staff was able to quickly print off a list of all of their gf ingredients from their cash register for me to look at (didn't include beverages, but I looked up the Nantucket Nectars brand they carry and it is gf). The Udi's multigrain bread they use is fresh, soft, and larger than the Udi's bread you can buy in grocery stores. The staff told me that the larger loaf is made specifically for restaurants. Great experience. I highly recommend this restaurant for gf soups and sandwiches (salads too, I think).

  • Sandy's Place

    1 starsMay 14, 2013

    1700 NW Garden Valley Blvd, Roseburg, OR 97471

    Definitely DO NOT have a gluten free menu. When we asked about gluten free options, we were told their soup of the day was gf and that they had gf bread. My daughter cant eat dairy in addition to gluten, so it seemed a sandwich was her only option. However, when I inquired about whether or not the ham used for ham sandwiches was gluten free, the server appeared confused. I explained that meats can have added ingredients that contain gluten, and asked if she could look into the deli meats they use for sandwiches. She returned to tell me that she was unable to find an ingredients list for the meats, because they arrive sliced and ready to use through Sysco (no labeled packaging?). At this point, I didn't trust the knowledge of the staff regarding gluten in foods and felt disappointed/annoyed that we had specifically sought out this restaurant based on the gluten free claims on their website. Mis-advertising. I ended up making my daughter a lunch from foods we had in our car. Nice restaurant, good food in general, but not a great destination for those seeking gf (at least if you are hoping for more than soup and plain bread).