• Tabor Mountain Bakehouse

    2 starsMay 18, 2013

    111 1/2 E. Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

    Being vegan and gluten-free I was so excited when this place opened their new location and was there on opening day! I have since gone a few times since but decided never to go back again for the following reasons. I found most of the products to be tasteless. After having lived in New York City, I guess I was spoiled by allergy-free baked goods that actually taste just as good as their originals. I spent $8 on pumpernickel bread just to throw it out because it was inedible. There were a few things I found that I did like, but the attitude of the staff and owner were just so bad that it just didn't make it worth it. Of the 4 times I have been the staff has always been unfriendly and rude. When I arrived and asked for their "English muffins" the girl (although I know she knew what I was talking about) rudely said "We don't have English muffins. Are you referring to our sandwich bread?" If I ask for something that's not available they make some kind of nasty comment as if I had a lot of nerve to ask. I also had followed them on Facebook and noticed an on-going list of "poor customer etiquette" written by the OWNER criticizing customer's behavior! I wonder why people start a business like this if they don't have a passion for it and don't enjoy working with the public. Sad and by the reviews here, I don't expect that they will stay open for very long.