• East Side Pies

    1 starsJune 07, 2014

    1401 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702

    Horrible gluten free pizza worst gluten free pizza I have ever had in my entire life the meat was horrible and rancid pizza made everyone at the house very sick. steer clear very far away from this place

  • Austin's Pizza

    1 starsMay 19, 2013

    3750 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock, TX 78664

    absolutely horrible general manager greg. he's happy to take your money for spending $15 per pizza. but is unwilling to get your order right and when the mistake is made on their end.. and which happens frequently.. he is unwilling to compensate you for your time money or even a free pizza bad management poor customer service Kyle. . if you want your pizza made right talk to Madeline. she is the only one at Austin's pizza with any kind of intelligence or competence. have ordered over 250 gluten free pizzas from Austin's pizza. 75 percent of the time my order is made in correctly and it is simple as possible. gluten free pizza no cheese four times hamburger. instead I get a gluten free pizza that is crust and sauce with barely any hamburger at all not even a half of a topping worth. when paying $15 plus for pizza it needs to be made correctly. I have spoken with the general manager of Austin's pizza they said they would fix the problem and its still ongoing. I've had them put cheese on my pizza name it. one time I had a female worker send me my pizza I open the box it was covered with cheese. I asked her if she read the order wrong or if they told her wrong. that I ordered mini pizzas and cannot have cheese nor did I ask for it. this really immature hateful woman worker flipped me off and said f*** you. don't spend your money here or waste it. everytime I place my order I make sure to say no cheese dairy allergy. I make sure whoever takes the order for a pizza .. repeat that back to me so as to not cause any confusion or mistakes. however Austin's pizza is incompetent. they are even unwilling to give free pizzas when they mess up on the one you pay for. horrible customer service

  • BJ's Brewhouse

    2 starsMay 19, 2013

    4201 N IH-35, Round Rock, TX 78664

    New Braunfels Texas location is great no problems. can't say the same for Austin or sunset Valley. they have messed up on just about every order I have placed. which leads to the customer waiting another 20 to 30 minutes for the right order to be made. gluten free pizza. only problem with this place is the people taking your order either don't pay attention or are completely incompetent. including most of the managers. over 50 percent of the time order is wrong even when placed with a manager. all it takes is actually listening to detail to make an order correct. I have even repeated the orders slowly multiple times in detail to manager and order has still been wrong its called a pen or pencil it was invented a long time ago. to help people write thoughts down so they would not forget.

  • Promise Pizza

    1 starsMay 19, 2013

    1500 S a w Grimes Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664

    this is not a gluten free friendly place. they do have gluten free crust but their hamburger meat is made with gluten mixed in with it. how is it possible to sell gluten free pizza and the hamburger topping you put on it is not gluten free. really hamburger with gluten come on ...get your stuff together. tried to place an order and thanks to my intelligence I asked if the hamburger has gluten in my surprise yes it does

  • Salt Lick

    1 starsMay 19, 2013

    3350 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665

    Salt Lick is poor quality food rubbed and injected with msg. they use MSG in and on their meats. don't you ever wonder why you hear people saying how good the Salt Lick is? it's because of the monosodium glutamate.msg. very bad for people. and makes your body crave the food like an addiction. MSG is the only reason Salt Lick has any business