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  • First Watch

    2 starsMay 25, 2013

    7500 W. Sand Lake Road #A101, Orlando, FL 32819

    Although First Watch offers a "GLUTEN FREE MENU" they really don't have much to choose from. Example; one can order the Eggs Benedict yet it is not served with gluten free english muffin. In fact it is not served an english muffin at all. Oh forget about the hollandaise sauce (it has gluten) their for it is not served with any sauce. WHAT'S THE POINT IN ADVERTISING A GLUTEN FREE MNEU. I find this to be deceiving and insulting when they could very well have gluten free flour to make english muffins and to add to the hollandaise sauce. Oh did I mention you can order gluten free pancakes with out the pancakes. You get a plate of syrup. On the daily special's menu they did have a delicious Quinua with tomato, kale, and a yummy pesto sauce.