• In-N-Out Burger

    5 starsAugust 09, 2015

    1275 Dana Drive, Redding, CA 96003

    Our go-to place for safe fast food. Fries are hand cut and fried in seperate fryer. Order "protein style"

  • Sunriver Brewing Company

    4 starsAugust 08, 2015

    Building 4, 57100 Beaver Drive, Sunriver, OR 97707

    Some of the best gf beer (bottled, from Portland) I've had. Gf labeled fries but in a shared frier, gf buns. Some gf options labeled on menu.

  • Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant

    1 starsAugust 02, 2015

    1136 South Mount Shasta Boulevard, Mount Shasta, CA 96067

    Had trouble finding a casual spot for family for quick dinner (Lilys across the street looked okay gf wise but nicer than we wanted). This Mexican place (local chain) chips are *not* gf - waitress said *all* sauces have wheat. Was sweet and helped me order safest thing but I still feel sick. Avoid.

  • Joe Caribe Bistro & Cafe

    5 starsJuly 16, 2015

    13470 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603

    Found this place on way up to Tahoe thanks to find me gf. Really good food. Had chicken curry. Gf beers. Nice vibe. Worried about wait but it's a big place we were seated quickly and food came fast. I'd definitely come back.

  • Calaveras

    3 starsJune 28, 2015

    Water Street, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    Usually Mexican food is a good option but I was underwhelmed here. The owner was knowledgable about what was and not gf, however. Chips and tortillas are NOT gf. They did have tostada shells that were gf. Hope they improve!

  • Pots and Kettles

    5 starsJune 28, 2015

    Path to Pots & Kettles, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    This is a great food truck that in the 2015 season is located on corn neck road about a mile? Past the main beach bathrooms toward the lighthouse. Gf falafel, great gf brownies, awesome gf fish tacos (the best!). Homemade lemonade and some other good options like grilled cheese for wheat eaters. Worth a trip.

  • Poor People's Pub

    4 starsJune 28, 2015

    33 Harbor Rd, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    Appreciated gf pizza crust. and omission beer And outdoor games and patio for kids. I got a burger special with no bun that was tasty. One of the better food/value places on island for wheat eaters and decent option.

  • Ballard's Inn

    3 starsJune 28, 2015

    42 Water Street, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    Ballard's is a huge facility that they say is known for its lobster. It is a great spot for a large (75-100) people or any big group as its one of the only places big enough to accommodate on the island. Also known for its beach and nightlife scene. We went for dinner and while gf choices were marked I was disappointed with the food and price to quality. Go for the party scene or a large group event but there are better places to eat.

  • The Beachead

    5 starsJune 28, 2015

    596 Corn Neck Road, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    This was some of the best food we had on the island. Yummy Thai chicken wings and clam dishes. Gf choices marked with anchor next to item. No main dishes marked as gf but chef accommodated and made a great fish dish for us. Also have omission beer. Great location overlooking beach. Also good indoor bar with great views for cold / rainy days.

  • Finn's Fish Market

    5 starsJune 24, 2015

    212 Water Street, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    This is a casual sit down restaurant that reminds me of a classic New England fish joint. 5 stars because of gluten free fries, and dedicated fryer! (Please check this as I always like independent confirmation). Son didn't feel great after eating which we suspect was because we got gf bread and didn't specify toasting in seperate environment. I enjoyed my fish plate and cole slaw. Prices are tourist high and I think sticking to basics produces best results in terms of ordering. Happy to go back for fries and good dishes! Gf options clearly marked on menu.

  • Persephone cafe

    5 starsJune 24, 2015

    334 High Street, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    This is a lovely cafe located on dodge street near the blue dory in old harbor. Every morning they had a fabulous gf muffin option, also had various gf desserts (cookies, brownies, banana bread etc) throughout the day which changed daily. Quinoa and kale salads to go. Yum! Order at the counter place with lots of seating. Smoothies and coffees too.

  • Elevation Studio & CafĂ©

    5 starsJune 24, 2015

    74 West Side Rd, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    This is a order at the counter cafe attached to a great yoga studio that has excellent coffee and a focus on raw organic health foods. Ask to toast your gf bagel in the toaster oven instead of the toaster. Good smoothies and smoothie bowls with gf granola. Also different kale and rice noodle salads. Almost everything is gf.

  • Block Island Grocery

    5 starsJune 21, 2015

    242 Ocean Avenue, New Shoreham, RI 02807

    Surprisingly good selection of gf items for this small but well stocked full grocery store. We found Udis sandwich bread in freezer, gf sausages and natural bacon, rice crackers, and omission gf beer. We were worried on last years vacation but came confident that we could get by and more relying on this local grocery store.

  • Joe's American Bar & Grill

    5 starsJune 20, 2015

    148 Providence Pl, Providence, RI 02903

    Dedicated fryer and gf French fries and sweet potato fries. Kids menu. Gf hamburger bun. Good family friendly place.

  • Onigilly

    5 starsJune 10, 2015

    343 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

    This is an order at the counter place with Japanese rice ball sandwiches. The bacon one was spicy and delish. Gf items marked on menu. Even miso soup was gf (this is rare). Not cheap - $12 for three rice ball sandwiches- but very tasty.

  • Frjtz Valencia

    4 starsJune 08, 2015

    590 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Food took a while. Order at counter place. Gf fries which I (believe) are in dedicated fryer. Double check. Gf Crepes are made on shared equipment.

  • Bernal Star

    4 starsJune 08, 2015

    410 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Tasty neighborhood standby. Waitress knowledgable. Gf bread is in shared toaster. Gf fries but don't know About shared fryer.

  • Manos Nouveau

    5 starsJune 08, 2015

    3970 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

    The food here was really good. Most items were naturally gluten-free (chicken dish I had was crusted in plantain chips that were homemade). Tasty food in upscale nighttime sit down environment. I was shocked at dinner prices at first, but they included tip and tax so ended up being more reasonable than at first glance. Friend had red pepper allergy and chef came out to talk to her directly since so many of the dishes had peppers. Would return for a tasty date night location.

  • Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond

    4 starsMay 31, 2015

    308 Watkins Lane, Saint Michaels, MD 21663

    The food here was excellent, however it didn't feel like they were on their "A" game in terms of gf. I typically expect the nicer the restaurant the easier it is to get great service on this. Served gf rolls - exciting but they were dry and not tasted great. Served me scallops with the bread salad - had to send back.

  • Blue Crab Coffee Co

    4 starsMay 31, 2015

    102 Freemont St, Saint Michaels, MD 21663

    Looks to be one of the only espresso shops in town. Had soy milk. Had two kinds of gf cookies. Didn't ask about cross contamination.

  • Blackthorn Irish Pub

    4 starsMay 31, 2015

    209 South Talbot Street, Saint Michaels, MD 21663

    Didn't eat here but saw they had gf options listed on menu. Worth investigating.

  • The Crab Claw Restaurant

    4 starsMay 29, 2015

    304 Burns Street, St. Michaels, MD 21663

    We wandered in here upon arriving at st. Michels and our young server's sister has celiac, so she directed me to the "diet" plate of lump crab meat with fruit. I also had the potato salad which was tasty. We ate outside on the picnic tables. Smallish portions but decent option when in area, particularly if you like crab!

  • Legal Sea Foods

    4 starsMay 27, 2015

    2401 South Smith Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22202

    This legal sea foods is located behind security in Reagan national airport. It's a sit down place but they have some options as "quicker serve" options. Items that can be made gluten free are clearly marked on menu. Server said that all breaded items were gf except tempura which were cooked in a seperate fryer (if others could verify I would appreciate it!). Fries were tasty as well as crab roll with no bun. Had one gf beer on menu. Solid choice for airport.

  • Sweet Bar Bakery

    3 starsApril 24, 2015

    2355 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

    They make it clear on their signage this is not a place for celiacs. They do have gf baked goods every day I've been (gf granola, muffins, flourless chocolate cake). They also have almond milk for coffee. A good option for the gluten-sensitive but not celiacs.

  • Torpedo Sushi

    5 starsApril 24, 2015

    25 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

    I loved this order at the counter spot. I had the rice bowl with tuna (raw), avocado, veggies. Lots of options. All gf. Definitely a great lunch spot or casual pick up dinner spot.

  • Rosamunde Sausage Grill

    4 starsApril 13, 2015

    2832 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Gluten free bun. Dedicated fryers with fries only. Beans are NOT gluten free. Tasty sausages. Order at counter place. Nice big social large tables. Gf beer.

  • Pei Wei

    4 starsMarch 31, 2015

    McCarran International Airport, 5757 Wayne Newton Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV

    Happy to find a pei Wei where I've successfully ordered before in other locations. Only one option (spicy chicken) but it hit the spot. Food court option but freshly made. Near gate e-11

  • In-N-Out Burger

    5 starsMarch 31, 2015

    832 West Telegraph Street, Washington, UT 84780

    Favorite west coast chain. Fries are hand cut and gluten free in dedicated fryer. Order burger "protein style" to be served in a lettuce wrap.

  • Oscar's Cafe

    5 starsMarch 31, 2015

    948 Zion Park Boulevard, Springdale, UT 84767

    Not too many options but regular fries are cooked in dedicated fryer and are gf, which were enough for my son. Went back for those fries multiple times. Enchiladas were good. No gf buns. Really good food.

  • Cafe Soleil

    4 starsMarch 31, 2015

    205 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT 84737

    My son said he liked this place big time. We went almost every day for breakfast since its adjacent to our hotel (also stones throw from pedestrian park entrance). Vegan hot chocolate. Great granola with lots of fresh fruit. Gf baked goods. Gf packed sandwiches not great but consistent with how gf bread does when not toasted. Some staff (and owner) fantastic - one in on almost gave me regular muffin. Consistent with places with seasonal employees I would always grill the folks and watch them carefully! All in all, very glad to have this place- especially breakfast. Order at counter. Good breakfast bowls.

  • MeMe's Cafe

    5 starsMarch 31, 2015

    975 Zion Park Boulevard, Springdale, Utah 84767

    Knowledgable staff who said that crepes were not cooked on separate equipment but were cleaned and decontaminated. Sons and I loved the sweet crepe. The savory crepe was the best packed lunch option we found, particularly if you like cheese.

  • Sol Foods Supermarket

    5 starsMarch 31, 2015

    995 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT 84767

    Great great local store. Had gf bread, crackers, everything we wanted.

  • Wildcat Willies Ranch Grille & Saloon

    3 starsMarch 31, 2015

    897 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT 84767

    Knowledgable staff who advised we avoid the fries. Best part were the wooden statues and extensive kids activity booklets. Son had gf pizza and perhaps it was the excessive cheese but he didn't feel great afterwards. I had ribs which had way too much (sweet) bbq sauce for my taste. Margaritas also way too sweet. I'd likely go back for burgers and bring the kids.

  • Bit & Spur Restaurant & Saloon

    4 starsMarch 28, 2015

    1212 Zion Park Boulevard, Springdale, UT 84767

    A local recommended this place for the margaritas which did not disappoint. Sit down place where we still rolled in with family in shorts, but some were dressed nicer. Entrees on pricer side but seemed consistent with tourist town. Tex-Mex food. Server very knowledgable about which options were safe, and mentioned that corn chips were cooked in shared fryer before I peppered her with questions. Sweet potato tamales were pretty good, dh liked his pork chili dish. Kids menu. Best part was park adjacent where kids could climb a rock or two while we finished up. Overall - was okay, a decent option that is gf-friendly if you need a place (or margarita!) but not necessarily somewhere I'd go twice in one trip.

  • Burger Joint

    4 starsMarch 27, 2015

    806 South Airport Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94128

    Virgin America terminal. Burgers cooked separate from buns. Employee said dedicated fryer, fries made on location. Cooked in peanut oil.

  • Piranha Killer Sushi

    4 starsMarch 05, 2015

    207 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin, TX 78701

    Good place. Was in mood for hot food so accommodated a grilled salmon with tamari on the side. This is a sit down place but has a big sushi bar that is great for single travelers.

  • brklyn beer garden

    3 starsMarch 02, 2015

    John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Jamaica, NY 11430

    This is a location located in terminal 2 of jfk airport (delta). You order from iPads and it gave me three gf option - pork chop, salad, and salmon.

  • Toloache

    5 starsMarch 01, 2015

    251 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019

    We were really pleased with the quality of the food here, despite being steps off Times Square. Actually ended up being one of our favorites for the trip. Nice warm environment for a pre-show dinner. We went post show and were a bit rushed with the service, but it was still good. Solid choice for higher end sit down restaurant. Gf options marked on menu.

  • Black Tree

    5 starsMarch 01, 2015

    131 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

    This was close to the tenement museum and was a great find for lunch. Looks like a great cozy place for dinner. Extensive cocktail and beer and wine list. Local centered food. Small intimate but table service, causal vibe. Would be great late night bar too. Some of best food I had in New York in terms of taste and quality for price.

  • Cafe Spice

    4 starsMarch 01, 2015

    109 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017

    This is a stand in an extensive (really nice) food court beneath the clock in grand central station. Dishes in the buffet are marked gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, contains milk. Decent indian and great for quick meal.

  • Pip's Place

    4 starsFebruary 28, 2015

    127 East 39th Street, New York 10016

    Had a muffin that was pretty good, and felt a bit expensive (but this is NYC). The cookies and cakes looked fantastic.

  • Smoke Jazz & Supper Club

    5 starsFebruary 28, 2015

    2751 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

    My sister found this place and we loved it. This is a small, intimate jazz supper club venue. We went late night after a theater show and I had gluten free ribs and great collard greens. Gf options listed on menu. A bit loud because it is so small (and no talking during sets) but a really fun true New York experience, especially if you like jazz.

  • Lilli And Loo

    4 starsFebruary 28, 2015

    792 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10065

    This was pretty good eat-in restaurant. Food was decent, service was okay. We went for lunch. It's not worth going across town for (we did) but a good option if you're nearby.

  • Schnipper's Quality Kitchen

    5 starsFebruary 28, 2015

    620 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018

    Happy to find this place - ask for gluten free menu. Order at the counter fast food place. Would be great for kids too.

  • Bloom's Delicatessen

    5 starsFebruary 27, 2015

    350 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

    Good solid NYC delicatessen. Server said cooked pancakes in seperate place.

  • Dolores Park Cafe

    4 starsJanuary 14, 2015

    501 Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Have a variety of gluten free baked goods - some prepackaged and some in their bakery case. Also have soy and almond milk. Classic order at counter cafe with some food (might be able to get a safe salad there).

  • The Plant Cafe

    4 starsDecember 27, 2014

    Terminal 2, Boarding Area D, San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA 94128

    Smoothies and fresh juices. Salads labeled gf. Some dessert vegan and gf pastries.

  • Kasa Indian Eatery

    4 starsDecember 23, 2014

    4001 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

    Really good order at counter indian "fast" food restaurant - they have Indian style burritos (NOT gf) but all their curries, meats and veggies are gf. Staff knowledgable. Good, healthier, authentic Indian street food. Worth a trip if you are in neighborhood. They've also got food trucks at various locals downtown.

  • Henry's Hunan

    5 starsDecember 16, 2014

    1708 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

    Our new affordable go-to take out or delivery place. Ask for gf. Owner knowledgable. Really good tasting for price.

  • Freshroll - Vietnamese Rolls & Bowls

    4 starsDecember 13, 2014

    157 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

    Stumbled on this order at counter place near metreon. Only protein that is gf was shrimp (chicken and beef had soy sauce) but person working counter was knowledgable. Some Sauces are labeled gf. It's a make your own bowl a la chipotle type place with Vietnamese ingredients (like rice vermicelli noodles).

  • Green Bliss

    4 starsNovember 20, 2014

    305 N Harbor Blvd #103, Fullerton, CA 92832

    Order at the counter cafe, almond and soy milk. Quinoa salad. Gf bread for paninis but I wouldn't eat due to cross contamination. Gf scones and cupcakes - didn't ask about prep conditions. Worth a visit if in the neighborhood.

  • Good to Go Carmel

    4 starsNovember 12, 2014

    Crossroads Blvd, California 93923

    Order at the counter fresh juice bar place in a shopping complex with a small amount of salads (I got a quinoa kale garbanzo salad) labeled gluten free ingredients. Good place for a quick meal to go if you are driving down the 1.

  • Dragon Well

    4 starsOctober 23, 2014

    2142 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

    Gluten free menu. Waiter wasn't completely clued in (offered me a fortune cookie at the end) but I felt fine after my main meal. Worth going to and cross-checking if you're in the area. Went for a work lunch.

  • ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen

    5 starsSeptember 22, 2014

    2805 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

    I discovered the dupont circle location and now I've found another one of these order at the counter chain. Everything is gluten and dairy free. Choice of meatballs, steak tofu to put over rice or rice noodles and then a variety of veggies and curries on top. $7.50. Yum!!!

  • San Francisco Soup Company

    3 starsSeptember 02, 2014

    135 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

    Gf options listed on their menu board. Order at counter place for quick lunch. Near convention center.

  • Sanraku

    4 starsSeptember 02, 2014

    101 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

    Quiet spot to grab lunch near metreon/convention center. They have tamari.

  • Metreon

    3 starsSeptember 02, 2014

    135 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

    Was craving Thai and walked up to this food court location and asked if anything were gf. She immediately told me the pad Thai and the four curries (it's a premade order at counter type place like china buffet). Tried the curries. Pretty good.

  • Ground Breaker Gastropub

    5 starsAugust 30, 2014

    2030 Southeast 7th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214

    Awesome place. Really fun to try different gf beers. Loved the beretta appetizer, amazing bread pudding, really good Cubano sandwich. Pizza was just ok. We will be back!!! Loved that entire place is gf.

  • Lilly Mae's Cinnamon Rolls

    3 starsMay 10, 2014

    700 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940

    I was disappointed in this place due to my high expectations. Gf cinnamon roll was small, dry and overpriced in my opinion. But I'm spoiled with a fantastic gf bakery back home (mariposa). I was grateful for the option, and they also had gf and vegan cookies. Worth a trip if you're in the neighborhood but not a destination joint.

  • Schooners Coastal Kitchen & Bar

    5 starsMay 10, 2014

    400 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940

    We really enjoyed our meal at this high-end waterfront restaurant at our hotel. Menu items were marked with an asteric if they could be made gluten-free. Plenty of choices. I had steak and angry prawns - delicious and sauces were husband loved the tuna poke (not gf). Aquarium certified seafood.

  • Montrio Bistro

    5 starsMay 09, 2014

    414 Calle Principal, Monterey, CA 93940

    I loved this place. High quality food, nice special occasion place. Our waiter said it was his second day on the job and he could recite what was and wasn't gf (or could be made as such). Table runner announced "gluten free scallops" when he delivered food. We loved scallops, swordfish, burrata salad, sardine special, well everything. Lots of locals dining for special occasions. Nice cozy vibe, great food.

  • Trailside Cafe and Coffee House

    4 starsMay 09, 2014

    550 Wave St, Monterey, CA 93940

    Went for lunch and there weren't a ton of naturally gf options - but I did get a good salad with roasted veggies and goat cheese. They did have Estrella gf beer. Cute order at counter place right on main walking trail.

  • The Counter

    5 starsApril 20, 2014

    201 Corte Madera Town Center, Corte Madera, CA 94925

    We were headed to in&out but it was closed so we found this thanks to find me gf! Great fresh veggies for the "burger bowl", gf buns, dedicated fryers, knowledgable staff. Red bridge beer. Sit down place but very causal atmosphere.

  • The Ocean Pool Bar & Grill

    4 starsApril 05, 2014

    6 Kai Ala Dr, Maui, HI 96761

    This is for the Ocean Bar & Grill at the Westin Villas. Not worth a trip, but we were staying here and I was grateful to have gf labeled options on the menu. Steak small plate was good (forget exact name). Bartender was attentive in placing my order.

  • Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice

    3 starsApril 05, 2014

    819 Front Street, Lahaina, HI 96761

    I think this place is true to form and pretty allergen free - and was highly reccommended by our cab driver. Also the sign said the syrups were made with sugar and not corn syrup. That said, both my gluten sensitive son and non-sensitive son felt sick afterwards - likely because it is SO sugary. Maybe also the food dyes? Fun to try once for our family, when in maui.

  • Cafe Cafe

    5 starsApril 05, 2014

    129 Lahainaluna Rd, Lahaina, HI 96761

    Great order at counter cafe for a quick breakfast or lunch. Quinoa & chia bowls. Gf toast. Plenty of alternative milk options. Nice owner. Great local vibe.

  • Lahaina Fish Co

    5 starsApril 05, 2014

    831 Front Street, Lahaina, HI 96761

    We went for lunch after whale watch which everyone really enjoyed and we thought was a great value. Gf French fries and good kids menu including drink for 7.50. Brought tamari without asking, gf marked on menu.

  • Maui Specialty Bakery

    4 starsApril 05, 2014

    878 Front Street, Lahaina, HI 96761

    Had cinnamon gf scones which were great. They have fresh gf bread on Tuesdays ( which they freeze but if you call ahead they will save it fresh for you). Otherwise mostly gluten stuff which family enjoyed.

  • Farmers Market Maui

    5 starsApril 05, 2014

    3636 Lower Honoapiilani Road, Lahaina, HI 96761

    After not finding many options at Safeway, was super relieved to find this place. There's a great fish market a block away. This is a veggie supermarket. Good local produce and gf options.

  • Pizza Paradiso

    5 starsApril 05, 2014

    3350 Lower Honoapiilani Road #208, Lahaina, HI 96761

    Very happy we found this place per find me gf. Person answering phone said they had dedicated fryer for French fries (double-check)! Extensive gf menu. We tried kabobs, fries, and gf pizza. Kabobs and fries particularly good.

  • Saha

    5 starsMarch 28, 2014

    1075 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

    Great food. Knowledgable server. Really good wine. Nice place for a date night. Bit of an out of the way location, but worth it. Gf beer too.

  • Cafe St Jorge

    5 starsMarch 23, 2014

    3438 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

    I love this place. Owner is very knowledgable - when I asked if they shared the toaster for gf bread she said they toast it in the oven (always double check). Great chia bowl made with almond milk. Other alternative milks too. Homemade gf baked goods. Super nice people that seem to get it, and great food options including a quinoa bowl and super green juice drink. Stump town coffee.

  • Tataki Sushi and Sake Bar

    5 starsMarch 23, 2014

    678 Chenery St, San Francisco, CA 94131

    This location's staff seems to be well trained by local celiacs who consider this their "local"! Have tamari soy sauce and gluten-free beer (bards). Also have a nice happy hour. Not extensive menu for gf, but reliable place to get a safe meal and not have to bring my own soy sauce and beer.

  • Source

    3 starsMarch 10, 2014

    11 Division Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

    (Updated) went again and must have not been as careful ordering because I did not feel great after. :( Are a good (spicy) dosa wrap here. Order at the counter place. Extensive menu with gf labeled options, including vegan gf Mac and cheese. Staff was knowledgable of food allergies (warned about shared fryer when I asked).

  • Glaze Teriyaki Grill

    5 starsMarch 07, 2014

    1946 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

    Order at the counter place. Can't remember the last time I had teriyaki salmon. Knowledgable staff at register. Decent prices. Kids $5 option too.

  • Mariposa Baking Co Kiosk

    5 starsMarch 04, 2014

    Ferry Bldg, 1 Ferry Bldg, San Francisco, CA 94111

    Can you say cinnamon rolls? Yum! Arrive early in the am if trying to pick up items for the holidays (christmas, thanksgiving).

  • Samovar Tea Lounge

    5 starsMarch 04, 2014

    730 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

    This is my go-to spot for lunch meetings. Close to convention center, good food, awesome tea, unique atmosphere above the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Bamboo Asia

    5 starsMarch 04, 2014

    41 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104

    Order at the counter popular lunch joint. Gf options labeled. Staff knowledgable about whether sauces contain dairy etc. kind of like an Asian burrito/bowl joint where you can mix and match toppings. My go-to lunch when I'm in the neighborhood!

  • Ping Pong Dim Sum

    3 starsFebruary 20, 2014

    1 Dupont Circle Northwest, Washington, DC 20036

    Waiter was super nice, but had to ask if my dipping sauce on the eggplant had soy sauce ( and it did). Hostess gave lots of disclaimers. I would go again and stick to shrimp dumplings (labeled gf and tasty).

  • ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen

    5 starsFebruary 20, 2014

    1516 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20036

    Loved this place. Great for a quick dinner or lunch. Order at counter. Yummy, affordable , staff informed that all is gf/df. A gem!

  • Beretta

    5 starsSeptember 06, 2013

    1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Had a private party and worked with staff in advance to accommodate gluten-free. Great food.

  • AT&T Park

    4 starsJune 21, 2013

    24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94107

    Budweiser brew pub at promenade section 112.Sells gluten-free hot dogs and Omission beer.My son and I love this option! Head across the hall for the kids $5 Safeway meal and put your gf hot dog in the bucket. Yum!

  • P.F. Chang's

    4 starsJune 08, 2013

    5633 Bay St., Emeryville, CA 94608

    I love being able to order off the gluten free menu. Spicy chicken is not really spicy, but good.

  • Firefly Restaurant

    5 starsMay 25, 2013

    4288 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

    Great food. Place to take parents when they are In town, or date night. Owner has celiac kids and takes cross contamination very seriously.

  • Radish

    4 starsMay 25, 2013

    3465 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Really great pork sandwich and French toast.

  • Patxi's

    5 starsMay 25, 2013

    511 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

    Our go-to place for the family. Great pizza, and the manager I talked to seemed to understand cross contamination.