• Olive Garden

    2 starsMay 26, 2013

    741 HOGAN RD, BANGOR ME 04401

    I'm giving them a second star because they actually have a gluten free menu, but like so many restaurants the gf menu is separate, which means if they are buys you practically have to grab the host before they run away to ask for it. And of course it is a very small menu. There was only one thing on it that I would eat, and unfortunately it was not good at all. This isn't the kind of meal you go out for. It looked like something a child would make while experimenting, and didn't taste much better. Not only was it a poor food combination, but the pasta was not even fully cooked. I guess they did not think that gluten free pasta may take a little longer than normal pasta. Not only was my entree a let down, but the server told me how he made a salad for me with croutons, and then though "oh, I bet he can't eat this." That tells me that the servers are preparing some of the food, and that they do not have a clear procedure for people who are ordering gf.