About Me

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and several food intolerances.


  • Pizza Perfect

    3 starsMay 04, 2014

    4002 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204

    This was my husband's favorite pizza place when he lived in town (7-8 years ago). After hearing about it for so long and seeing that they had a GF crust option, we decided to give it a try. The crust was decent, however the pizza overall was just OK. Even hubby said his regular pizza wasn't as good as he remembered. I don't know if they do anything really to avoid cross-contamination as my stomach wasn't feeling great before we ate and felt worse after.

  • Zumi Sushi Japanese Kitchen

    5 starsMay 04, 2014

    2119 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212

    Really Great Sushi. A large portion of their rolls were gluten-free, however not a lot else on the menu was available gluten-free. They do offer GF soy sauce. Food and drinks were excellent.

  • Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes

    4 starsMay 04, 2014

    1200 5th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

    Decent crepes, but not the best gluten-free crepes I've had. Great coffee.

  • Jason's Deli

    5 starsJuly 22, 2013

    4800 Whitesburg Drive Suite 4, Huntsville, AL 35802

    I have eaten at both this location and the one on University Dr multiple times now. Each time they were very cautious. I've ordered a panini on GF bread and they've even come out to let me know that it would take a bit because they'd have to clean the panini press first. They offered that they could toast it quicker, which I was fine with. However, they still went ahead and cleaned the panini press and did it that way. When I'm craving a sandwich, this is where I go.

  • Pane e Vino

    5 starsJuly 22, 2013

    300 Church St SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

    This is the best PIZZA in town, period. Gluten-free or not. We recently with some friends who had not previously tried GF pizza and one of them asked (after trying a piece) "so can you tell when it's gluten-free? Because I can't." It's that good. Every pizza I've had there has been awesome. They also have GF pasta now, but I haven't tried it yet. I find it impossible to go there and get anything but their pizza.

  • Etai's Bakery Cafe

    5 starsMay 28, 2013

    Near Gate B24, Denver International Airport, Peña Boulevard, Denver, CO 80249

    Just when I'd given up on eating, I decided I'd see if the Find Me Gluten Free app showed anything in the Denver aiport and I was so psyched when I saw that there was an Udi's cafe IN the airport and even better, on the way to my gate! They have counter ordering and full-service. I was surprised to see that instead of all items being automatically GF, it was listed as "all items available gluten-free on request". I ordered the Chicken Basil Pesto sandwich on gluten-free with a side salad and it was by far the best meal I had all day, but definitely the best sandwich I've had since going GF. Highly Recommend!

  • The Olive Branch

    4 starsMay 28, 2013

    23 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Tried the GF waffles and they were excellent. Also tried the orange bread but it was standard GF - dry and stuck to the back of my throat. Without the icing it would have been worse. They had several options and the hostess was also GF so was able to give me some feedback on items. I wanted to try the GF donuts but they were out. The service was not great from the waitress we got. I was told they do have an in-house baker that bakes all their breads, donuts, etc. So, that is awesome. They do also have non-GF breads and I don't know if those are made in-house, so I'm not sure about the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

    5 starsMay 28, 2013

    2130 Southgate Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    We visited Garbonzo's while in town for a family event. Reading the reviews I got the idea that it was set up similar to Chipotle but with with Greek/ Mediterranean food, and that's exactly what it was you. You pick your style (wrap, salad, plate, pita) and then pick your protein and whatever else you want on it. While we waited they gave us a falafel (which was awesome). I ordered a salad and I was happy to see that each time someone ordered gluten-free they changed their gloves and they also pulled out a sep. set of ingredients from under the counter that had been set up for GF orders (to avoid cross-contamination). The food was excellent. I even went back and ordered more homemade chips & hummus to take back to our family. I really hope this chain spreads and I find one close to me soon.

  • Coquette's Bistro & Bakery

    5 starsMay 26, 2013

    321 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    We went here years ago before I even knew I needed to be gluten-free and I thought the food was awesome then. We returned this year, while visiting the area again and the food is still great. Their crepes are awesome and so are the deserts. I haven't tried the bread/buns would consider it. I had to try the carrot cake and even my usually critical husband said it was as good as any he's ever had. The entire restaurant is gluten-free!