Amanda F.



  • Victoria's Ristorante & Wine Bar

    5 starsApril 09, 2015

    7 1st Avenue Southwest, Rochester, MN 55902

    I just had the most delicious Italian meal at Victoria's -- the best I've had since my celiac diagnosis. Highly recommend!!!

  • Healthy Gourmet To-Go

    5 starsJuly 23, 2013

    12 Market Street, Saugerties, NY 12477

    Weekly meal delivery and catering. All organic, vegan and now a COMPLETELY gluten-free facility!

  • Qdoba

    5 starsJune 12, 2013

    2105 Ingersoll Avenue #104, Des Moines, IA 50312

    I ate here all the time pre-diagnosis (celiac). The last time I was in was a few weeks ago, and I told them that my son and I might have to go completely to today. I haven't eaten out anywhere yet but thought i'd give it a try. The manager and server behind the counter saw me walk in and before I said anything went and got clean spoons and the server went and washed her hands and hot clean gloves!! Not only did they remember out conversation weeks ago but they had done research on safety procedures! They even put a sheet of tinfoil under my bowl so even the bottom would be uncontaminated! I'm blown away by their thoughtfulness and customer service. Highly recommend (plus it is delicious food)