• Sweet Freedom Bakery

    5 starsJuly 02, 2015

    1424 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

    I begged the family for 3 days to come here, and we finally made the trek out on our last day in Philly. We spent a lot of money to try a lot of different deserts but I was so excited to eat in a dedicated gluten free facility! Some treats were better than others, but for products that are gluten free and vegan (and a whole lot of other allergen free) they were pretty darn good. I would definitely recommend the Samoa and Fauxstess cupcakes. My wife also enjoyed the Chocolate Glazed donut. The Berries and Cream cupcake was also tasty. As with most gluten free products chocolate flavors usually taste the most like "regular" products and the vanilla based cakes tend to be on the dryer side. I wish I had the time, money, and spandex pants to try everything they had to offer. I would recommend this to anyone with severe allergies, or for gluten free folks who want to share deserts with their vegan friends! Secret menu item: Cookie Sandwiches. Pick 2 cookies and your favorite filling and have the staff whip up an extra special goodie (*did not get a chance to try but saw a returning customer order and they looked very excited).

  • Dos Tacos

    4 starsJuly 02, 2015

    120 South 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

    New pop up restaurant with gluten free options. Was told all items are gluten free except the Korean BBQ sauce on their Korean taco. Menu states tortillas are 100% gluten free. Tried both the Jefe and Classic during their "Hook up" lunch special (2 tacos, side and drink for $12.95). Entire family enjoyed the meal and didn't have any reaction. Both the tortilla chips and yucca fries were delicious as well.We recommended that they alter the Korean BBQ recipe to include a gf sauce and then their place could be 100% gf.Also note, very small location with tall tables to stand at, no seating available.

  • City Tavern

    3 starsJuly 02, 2015

    138 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

    Of the 3 dinners we had in Philly, this one was by far the least impressive. After reading reviews on here we had higher expectations, but unfortunately we were very disappointed. I'll look past the 1 hour wait btwn placing our food order and actually receiving it from our waiter (even on a Tuesday night), the slightly bloated prices for touristy food, but after eating at several gluten free places without any problems my wife had a reaction to her dinner here. They do have items clearly marked gluten free in their regular menu, and claim to make other dishes gf on request, but we didn't take the chance. We were also told by our waiter that one of the 3 breads brought to the table was gluten free (corn and molasses blend), but this was served on the same plate as wheat bread and had a flour dusting (not sure if wheat or gf). I did try the "gf" bread and did not have a reaction. Although it was delicious it seemed too good to be true and therefore I did not let my wife (who is more sensitive to gluten) try the bread.

  • Nanee's Kitchen

    5 starsJune 29, 2015

    51 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Very good Indian food, they not only Gluten Free but vegan and halal food as well. Almost everything is Gluten Free except the Naan (bread) and Samosas (puff pastry type croissants stuffed with meats). The Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Kabob platters were both delicious, we also ordered the chickpea and spinach sides. The Masala had a bit of kick, but the Spinach side started out mild and ended up way too hot for me. I would definitely return for the Masala and chickpeas again!

  • Underdogs

    4 starsJune 29, 2015

    132 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Fries are good! FYI: staff informed me hotdogs are GF and are all beef. I did not get a chance to eat anything other than the fries.

  • Giorgio on Pine

    5 starsJune 29, 2015

    1328 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

    As a NYC native I am picky about my Italian food, Giorgio's did not disappoint! My in-laws loved their non-gf dishes and were actually jealous of all the GF options we had to choose from. The owner seated us and explained that all the items on the back of their menu were GF, our waiters were also very knowledgeable and helpful. Once we informed them that my wife and I were GF they brought out special gluten free bread for the table (at no additional charge!). The GF shellfish and Brown Rice Ziti entrées were both Delicious! Each dish was large enough to share, although my Father did finish his. After stuffing our faces I insisted on ordering desert, their GF option was flourless chocolate cake, which actually tasted more like a decadent fudge, yum! Everything was fantastic and if you are in Philly you need to eat here. FYI: BYOB

  • Aqua

    5 starsJune 29, 2015

    705 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

    Excellent food! Ordered the GF Pad Thai and Lettuce Wrap, everyone enjoyed their meal. Separate GF menu on the back of the regular menu. Staff was very knowledgeable and made sure to inform us which dishes they served us were gluten free.

  • The Franklin Fountain

    4 starsJune 29, 2015

    116 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

    Almost all flavors are gluten free, EXCEPT the hydrox (Cookies and Cream). Nothing is posted about items being gluten free and I had to wait on a long line to order and ask. Great ice cream, but would have been better if they had separate prep for gluten free orders. Not safe for those with super-sensitivity since the ice creams are all kept in the same case and could easily be contaminated with contact from ice cream cones.

  • P.S. & Co.

    4 starsJune 28, 2015

    1706 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    It's vegan and gluten free. The mushroom quesadilla was very vegan. The cold pressed coffee was delicious.

  • Sunday's

    5 starsJune 07, 2015

    917 U.S. 206, Bordentown Township, NJ 08505

    They have a separate GF case with 8-10 different flavors, special scoopers they use for gluten free ice cream and they even have gluten free cones. The Philly Graham Slam and Main Deer Tracks were delicious! Wonderful local place with great gluten free options!

  • Gourmet Grill

    4 starsAugust 30, 2014

    6334 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234

    They don't have a specific gluten free menu, but most items are made to order. The owner's son has celiac and is very aware of all food allergies. Ask your server or speak with the owner, John, if you have any questions it concerns about your order or dietary needs.

  • Peddler's Bar and Bistro

    4 starsJanuary 13, 2014

    16 Clifton Park Village Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065

    They have a decent Gluten Free menu. We ordered the GF Chicken Tenders and Hamburger on a GF tapioca roll. Food was good, but staff was okay, make sure they give you the correct order. They accidentally gave us regular Stella Artois instead of the (GF) Stella Cidre, luckily we smelled the mistake before we tasted it.

  • Pho Yum

    5 starsJanuary 13, 2014

    1558 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205

    Great little place, with friendly and knowledgable staff. All Pho Soups are GF if ordered without hoisin sauce. We ordered 2 Pho soups, one with Beef Round Eye and Shrimp, the other with Brisket, as well as their Green and Jasmine teas. No gluten problems. Everything was delicious, and budget friendly. They also have Vegetarian options as well.

  • Cantina Laredo

    5 starsJanuary 13, 2014

    9090 Destiny USA Dr, Syracuse, NY 13204

    Got into town late and looked up this place using the App. They are located in the mall and open late. Staff was friendly and the food was delicious! So much flavor, and it wasn't too salty or sweet. We ordered the Tacos De Barbacoa, the Tacos De Pollo and the Blood Orange Sangria, we also ate the Chips and Salsa (both mild and spicy) with no problems. Quick and delicious Gluten Free food.

  • Cheeburger Cheeburger

    3 starsOctober 28, 2013

    182 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08542

    I ate here today with my mother because I saw the restaurant listed on this app. The place does have Udi's GF buns, but that's about it. They do not have a separate fryer for GF food (I personally didn't have a problem with the sweet potato fries) and nothing else on the menu specifically states whether it is GF. When I asked the staff what their GF options were I was informed of the buns and told "pretty much everything is Gluten Free." The waitstaff did not instill much confidence in me, so celiacs be ware. However if you have a gluten intolerance and can handle cross contamination you should be fine. I was not impressed by their food or service, but in the end I had an okay meal with my mom and didn't get sick.

  • Sara's Homemade Sweets

    3 starsJune 24, 2013

    102 E Maple Ave, Langhorne, PA 19047

    They have a limited number of GF treats. Their chocolate cup cakes were okay, but their spoonful was dry.

  • Red Robin

    5 starsJune 24, 2013

    610 Middletown Boulevard, Langhorne, PA 19047

    They have gluten-free hamburger buns and the staff is fairly knowledgeable about GF items.