• Pho Yummee

    5 starsAugust 29, 2014

    Shop 19-21, 1/F, Peak Galleria Shopping Centre, 118 Peak Raod, The Peak, Hong Kong

    If you find yourself at Victoria's Peak looking for something to eat, this is a good option. It's on the second floor of the galleria. The manager on duty completely understood my allergy and check the ingredients of the foods on his menu to ensure that I wasn't glutened. I had the beef pho and it was delicious and I did not have a reaction to it. Very nice little mall restaurant and very friendly waitstaff.

  • Pho-Nomenon

    3 starsAugust 29, 2014

    5295 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

    The server understood my gluten allergy and was able to tell me if items on the menu were gluten free. Unfortunately, only one pho soup meets that criteria — the chicken. And, unfortunately, I did not think the chicken pho was all that tasty. It is possible there might also be a cold noodle or rice option that is gluten free, but I'm not all that enthusiastic about going back and checking into it.

  • Pho Hong Phat

    4 starsAugust 29, 2014

    3243 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804

    This is a little family run Vietnamese restaurant that only serves pho. No bun, no banh mi, no eggrolls — just pho. The man I talked to said that they do not use soy sauce in their preparations — just fish sauce. However, he did later try to convince me to add hoisin sauce to my meat, so I'm not sure he completely understood my concerns about wheat. Hoisin sauce is not commonly gluten free, so stay away from the dark brown bottle on the table — they reuse sriracha bottles so the ingredient list on the bottle is all wrong. I got the beef pho and did not have a reaction from it, so I think this place might be worth a shot. The pho is very good and the prices are great.

  • Noodlemi

    5 starsJuly 28, 2014


    I love this place. Eaten here several times and had no gluten issues. Pho and bun are great. So are the crispy spring rolls. The place is tiny and popular — you might have to wait for a table.

  • Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine

    4 starsJune 22, 2014

    405 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    My server didn't know about gluten allergies but she asked in the kitchen and said she got "an education." The appetizers were ruled out but most of the main dishes were fine. I felt a little glutened the next morning, but I'm not sure the restaurant was to blame. Even if it was, the circumstances were rather extraordinary — it began pouring rain in the middle of service and all we were able to save from our outdoor table was our half pitcher of sangria (which our server generously refilled while we waited). We stood in the door of the restaurant for a half hour waiting for the rain to stop. So if there was some confusion in the kitchen about my order and cross contamination occurred, I'm willing to forgive them. The food was very tasty.

  • Fogo de Chao

    5 starsJune 22, 2014

    836 1st St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Wow, this place is great. I told my server about my allergy and a manager came to talk to me about what my options were and walked me around the salad bar to point out what to avoid there as well. The only meat you have to avoid is the chicken. Most of the salad bar is okay too except for the obvious stuff — croutons, pasta, etc. The entire experience was amazing. The staff is really attentive and nice. The food was delicious and so was the wine. Well worth the price.

  • La Locanda

    2 starsJune 17, 2014

    419 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    While I wasn't glutened by the food here, I still can't really recommend this restaurant. The pasta itself isn't very good and I wasn't very impressed by seafood that accompanied it. The salad and wine were okay, not not worth the expense of the whole meal. For what it's worth, my wife enjoyed her lasagna (not gluten free, of course).

  • Mozambique Steakhouse

    4 starsApril 21, 2014

    1740 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

    Had a really nice dinner here. Menu was clearly marked and the waiter had a clear understanding of what dishes could be prepared gluten free. Be aware that the upper level of the restaurant is very, very noisy, but there is also downstairs seating that is much quieter.

  • GG's Bistro

    5 starsFebruary 24, 2014

    540 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

    Great mediterranean food. The restaurant offers a gluten free menu with lots of options. There is indoor and outdoor seating. Service was good, but slow. Place was packed. I didn't get sick, so I'd definitely eat there again.

  • Open Sesame

    4 starsDecember 25, 2013

    5215 East 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803

    Has a gluten free menu. Staff seemed knowledgeable about the issue. Good Lebanese food!

  • Seaside Salads

    5 starsDecember 25, 2013

    5372 East 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803

    Sadly, this restaurant is no longer in business.

  • Three Seventy Common

    5 starsDecember 25, 2013

    370 Glenneyre St, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

    Menu is clearly marked. Lots of options. Really tasty food. Staff seemed knowledgeable about the issue.

  • Wahoo's Fish Taco

    5 starsJuly 05, 2013

    6449 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90803

    There's no gluten free menu, but I've eaten here successfully many, many times. I'm pretty sensitive to gluten and it seems to be okay. Stay away from the fryer (no chips). I pretty much stick to the fish tacos and fish enchiladas (with green sauce) and the black beans and white rice. Never had a problem. If you do a search on the internet, there's a list of menu items floating around that are supposed to be safe. I've never asked the staff about it and I doubt they would know much.

  • Pizza Fusion

    5 starsJuly 05, 2013

    1115 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    I love this place! I haven't had pizza this good in a long, long time. I came back 3 times in a single week it was so good. The Big Kahuna was my favorite, but the pepperoni is great too. Excellent crust. Pairs well with a pint of Green's. And the best part? I wasn't glutened because they have a dedicated prep space and oven! I was bummed to learn that the Los Angeles locations closed — I hope they come back someday. :(

  • zpizza

    1 starsJuly 05, 2013

    4612 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

    It's been a while, but the last time I tried Z-Pizza I was definitely glutened. They don't have a dedicated oven or prep space. I used to love their pizzas before I found out I had celiacs, but they are now off-limits until they make some serious adjustments.

  • Newport Naples Rib Company

    4 starsJuly 05, 2013

    5800 East 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803

    Very safe place to eat. No worries about being glutened here — they get it. The only drawback is that you pretty much have to be into eating a lot of meat if you go here. Not many lighter food options. Or vegetables. The chicken sandwich is good though, if you're not looking to gorge yourself on ribs.

  • Number Nine

    4 starsJune 28, 2013

    2118 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA 90814

    I've had pretty good luck here. Most of the servers are familiar with gluten free and celiacs. On one of my first visits a few years ago, I had a server double-check with the chef and determine what items were safe. I've had great luck with the Chicken Pho and the Cold Noodle Chicken (no fried onions or Hoisin sauce). I know, I know — It's a pretty limited menu. But it's Pho and it's gluten-free and it's delicious.

  • The Attic

    5 starsJune 28, 2013

    3441 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803

    i just went here for dinner last night and it was amazing. Great atmosphere. The number of entrée options available gluten-free is unfortunately somewhat limited, but I was pretty happy with the short rib poutine and the rocking crawfish etoufee. And the drinks were good too. :-) Our server seemed to understand what gluten free was all about and provided good service overall. I'm pretty sensitive to gluten and today so far I feel fine.