• Olive Garden

    1 starsJuly 02, 2013


    I have eaten here twice off the gluten free menu in the past 5 months. The first time was a Saturday night and we sat at the bar. The service was great, I had one of the tomato sauce pasta dishes. It was just ok. The flavor was decent, just not to my own taste, the pasta was firm yet not undercooked, tasted just right. Obviously is corn pasta, so if you don't like that, don't get the pasta. The second time was also a Saturday night at the bar, same bartenders as the first time. Bartenders were wonderful again. However I ended up ordering the same pasta dish because I couldn't remember which I had had last time. So I knew what this was supposed to taste like. My pasta came and while it didn't look right, I decided to try it anyway. The pasta was undercooked, it was chewy yet fell apart when I stabbed it with my fork. I moved some pasta around and it revealed the entire plate was a mess of shredded penne pasta! I was very upset because it tasted horrible and I refused to eat it. I told our bartender how horrible it was, tastes undercooked, looks overcooked, I mean, who shredded the pasta and thought that was ok to serve? I was comped the pasta and my house salad. Then the manager came over, as I'm sure is customary, though it wasn't necessary. He then proceeded to tell me "how hard" it is to cook gluten free pasta. I was insulted. I can do a better job! He spent 5 minutes telling me this and finally he walked away. I was more upset after talking to him then by the fact that my pasta was shredded. He acted like it was 'too hard' to provide good food for me to eat and somehow I should have known it wasn't going to be as good as everyone else's. I won't be going back for some time, and I certainly do NOT recommend any of their pasta dishes, which leaves little else to be had.