• Harlow

    5 starsMay 16, 2015

    3632 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97214

    Excellent! Mac n cheese is good and I'm not vegetarian or vegan, and normally do not like Daiya cheese but this was pretty delish. Loved the chipotle chili bowl. Will be back for sure!!!!

  • Deschutes Brewery & Public House

    5 starsApril 19, 2015

    210 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

    I wish they would bring back the gf ale. Not an ipa fan. But yummy and celiac safe beer and food. Just confirm about the fryer first.

  • Hot Mama's Wings

    1 starsApril 10, 2015

    420 West 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401

    Ah-mazing!!!!! Editing my review. The last few times I've eaten here I ended up getting sick. The last time I got violently ill at 3 am waking up the entire household. I am celiac. I found out that they share the fryer with gluten items (twinkies) and their gf items that are fried get cross contaminated. I was told they think the gluten gets burned off. No. It does not. If you are celiac or intolerant - please keep this in mind. If you are gf for non medical reasons, then I say go for it. Still yummy just not safe.

  • Brooklyn House Restaurant

    5 starsJanuary 31, 2015

    3131 Southeast 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

    Excellent food!

  • Pastini Pastaria

    2 starsDecember 21, 2014

    1506 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210

    First off- it is celiac safe and for that I give it two stars. Okay, it's on 23rd, nice to have a safe reliable option, but being Italian, it wasn't very good and reminded me of Olive Garden. For those of you looking for good pasta to make at home, try Jovial brown rice pasta, closest one I can find to real pasta-and non gf folks cannot tell the difference. The marinara sauce was little bland- I say try maybe Alfredo sauce or something else. Overall-just eh and okay I suppose.

  • Sonny Bowl

    5 starsDecember 05, 2014

    Southwest Washington Street & Southwest 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

    Awesome food! Had the black bean bowl and it was super yummy and filling! Great for a celiac! And it's from a food cart. Awesome!

  • Verde Cocina

    5 starsDecember 05, 2014

    524 NW 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

    Fantastic! Supports local farms and also has awesome food. I have celiac so the entire menu was safe for me to eat. Win! My other half, who does not have celiac, loved it as well and said he would totally go back in a heartbeat! Thank you for making it GF! :)

  • The Bier Stein

    5 starsMarch 29, 2014

    1591 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401

    They have a great selection of gluten free beers and ciders. They also have some gluten free food items like nachos, chips and salsa, and salads. Been here several times and have never had an issue as long as I said something when ordering, and I am very sensitive.

  • Cafe Yumm

    5 starsJuly 02, 2013

    1801 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR 97401

    One of my favorite safe places to go

  • Papa's Pizza Parlor

    4 starsJuly 02, 2013

    1700 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402

    Pricey but decent