• Outback Steakhouse

    5 starsApril 25, 2015

    45 Mazzeo Drive, Randolph, MA 02368

    I've eaten here a couple times and have never had an issue. This last time, the server seemed really aware which is always comforting. My meal was brought out by itself before the rest of my table which I appreciated too.

  • Village Pizza & Subs

    5 starsApril 25, 2015

    820 Crescent St, Brockton, MA 02302

    I was hesitant to try pizza out again after getting sick the one time I tried at another place. However, as soon as I started asking my questions to ensure they really were GF aware, I felt very comfortable. The man behind the counter was very friendly and willing to talk with me about their gluten free pizza. I got a cheese pizza and it was very tasty. I was pleased to find a pizza place that seems to really care about keeping their gluten free customers safe.

  • The Barn Pub & Grille

    5 starsApril 25, 2015

    5 Ring St, Amesbury, MA 01913

    I tried this place on a day trip to the area and was thrilled to have such a good and safe place to dine. I had fish and chips and it was very tasty and had no reaction whatsoever.

  • 3 Buoys Seafood Shanty & Grille

    5 starsApril 25, 2015

    #2 US Hwy 1, York, ME 03902

    I've eaten here several times and have had nothing but good experiences. I had contacted them prior to my first visit and was told they do have a dedicated fryer. The food tastes wonderful and I've never had a reaction. It's great to have a gf place to safely enjoy fried seafood in this area.

  • BoxSeats

    5 starsFebruary 22, 2014

    500 E Washington St, North Attleborough, MA 02760

    Love their large GF menu and also that they now offer fried seafood. I had fried clam strips and they were very good. Server was aware and very willing to talk GF with me, shared stories of other customers who've had good experiences with menu items. My non gf family also enjoyed their non gf meals, lots of variety for everyone.

  • Project Pie

    5 starsAugust 21, 2013

    3799 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    Seem very attentive to needs of gluten free and try to accomodate to eliminate cross contamination as much as possible.

  • Mike's Clam Shack

    4 starsJuly 29, 2013

    1150 Post Rd, Wells, ME 04090

    I ordered lobster and had a baked potato with it. Everything was very good. There were some other choices, mostly non-seafood. Everything is marked on the menu.

  • Woodman's

    5 starsJuly 29, 2013

    121 Main St, Essex, MA 01929

    I was so very happy to find out that I did not have to give up fried seafood when I found out Woodman's was GF. I have no complaints whatsoever about my experience there. The food was delicious and when we went to pick it up, my plate was even in its own box (tray), away from the sandwich that my son ordered and my husband's order which was actually the same as mine. It was very satisfying knowing that I could have one of my favorite meals out made safely. We have to ride a little ways to get there but it's well worth it.

  • PieZoni‚Äôs

    3 starsJuly 29, 2013

    25 Taunton St, Plainville, MA 02762

    My first GF pizza experience after being diagnosed as Celiac. The pizza itself was decent. I really had no problem with the taste of it. What I would have loved to have seen was a little more awareness of GF with the staff. I wanted pepperoni and wanted to be on the safe side to make sure there were no fillers in it that contained gluten. When I asked about this, the employee behind the counter directed me to the sign on the counter that that stated they had GF pizza. She said all the GF ingredients were on the back of that. I looked and all that was on that sign, that I could see, were the ingredients for the crust and the baking directions for the restaurant. Looked to be part of the label for the packaging of the crust. I ordered a plain cheese just for simplicity. Another customer had to send her GF pizza back when it came out with black olives, she had ordered the "mixed greens" specialty pizza on a GF crust. The same employee who couldn't really help me with the pepperoni question had brought it out to her and she looked like a deer caught in headlights when the woman told her this. A man who appeared to be a manager came out and apologized and said he'd make a new pizza. He handled it very, very well and told her that he didn't eat gluten free but noticed most people who order that pizza on a GF crust never ask for it without olives. I'm not feeling well today, two days after, but I'm not sure if it's from the pizza or not. I feel like the staff up front could have been better educated so I have to wonder if the staff out back preparing the pizzas are aware of things like cross contamination. I will give them another try as I know I accidentally had a small amount of gluten elsewhere this weekend. Something else I've accidentally had before too that didn't bother me but I just found out today that the product does contain gluten so I will give Piezoni's the benefit of the doubt this time around.