• Mellow Mushroom

    1 starsAugust 08, 2013

    609 South Elm Street, Greensboro, NC, 27406

    Everything about this experience was bad. The prices are outrageous. I paid $40 for two GF pizzas that combined barely had enough toppings to cover one pizza. But that is the least of my concerns, heck, a loaf of Udi GF bread is about $6. I watched as the guy in the back that is supposed to be making the GF pizzas in a "clean" place take out trays of frozen regular dough. He was wearing gloves but he touched every ball to unstick them from the trays. Then left the stacked trays about two feet away from the processing table designated for GF pizzas. He left the same gloves on and the same apron on when he pulled my pizzas out, put them on the table next to the stacked trays, cut and boxed them. When I confronted the manager she rudely informed me that they are properly trained on how to handle gluten free products. Well, guess what happened when I got home and ate half of one of the pizzas last night. I got an awful stomach ache, struggled to sleep through the night, and woke up today feeling like my insides are flipping. Now I paid way too much for pizza I can't even eat. Save yourself the money and pain and just buy an Udi's pizza crust, and make your own pizza at home. That's the only way to ensure there's no contamination.