About Me

I'm not celiac but my wife is. We are always looking for safe places to eat!


  • Captain Dan's Pirate Pastry Shop

    3 starsMarch 16, 2015

    5070 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367

    Super sweet baked goods with a nice selection. Cheesy, but great cross contamination practices.

  • Kyllo's Seafood & Grill

    3 starsMarch 16, 2015

    1110 Northwest 1st Court, Lincoln City, OR 97367

    Nice ocean view. No special gf menu, but oddly it is the only place in town my celiac wife has been able to eat safely at over and over. Must be something about the kitchen. The wedge salad and the burgers are excellent. Nice place.

  • Pig Feathers

    5 starsMarch 16, 2015

    300 South Main Street, Toledo, OR 97391

    Best BBQ I've had in years. I hear the owner's nephew is celiac, and they certainly know how to make a celiac feel safe. There is bread product in the shop but you can just order without. Awesome.

  • Bay Walk Cafe

    3 starsMarch 16, 2015

    16 S Hwy 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341

    The fried food is fantastic but SLOW and the hours are limited and inconsistent. I bet they will close, and it will be because of poor business practices, not because it was GF or bad food.

  • McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub

    3 starsAugust 20, 2014

    4157 U.S. 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367

    Good pub food, solid understanding of cross contamination. We've eaten here safely several times! I never would have expected it of McMenamins. No fish n chips, despite another reviewers experience. Great burgers. EDIT After another couple visits, I would change my review. Last time we were glutenized unapologetically. I think we may try again in the non busy season.

  • Pig 'N Pancake

    4 starsJuly 04, 2014

    3910 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367

    Good trashy diner chain food, but no understanding of cross contamination. It was a great place to take my folks, but it would have made my celiac wife sick.

  • Jade Tea House

    4 starsJuly 01, 2014

    7912 Southeast 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

    Owned by a celiac. Great items on menu. Long lines on weekends.

  • The GF Chef

    4 starsJuly 01, 2014

    5221 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97213

    Unbelievable onion rings! Great, but slow.

  • Pine State Biscuits

    2 starsJuly 01, 2014

    2204 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

    Delish, but not at all gf.

  • Tin Shed Garden Cafe

    5 starsJuly 01, 2014

    1438 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

    Amazing, amazing food. Expect a wait at breakfast.

  • Harlow

    4 starsJuly 01, 2014

    3632 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97214

    A little austere but great breakfasts.

  • Teote

    5 starsJuly 01, 2014

    1615 Southeast 12th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97214

    Amazing food, fantastic patio.

  • Dick's Kitchen

    5 starsJuly 01, 2014

    704 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

    Over a dozen safe meals with no cross contamination. So good!! Great margaritas too.

  • Deschutes Brewery & Public House

    4 starsJuly 01, 2014

    210 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

    Great food. They once made a cross contamination error during a rush, but usually have great practices. Good beer too!

  • Cultured Caveman

    5 starsJuly 01, 2014

    Southwest 3rd Avenue & Southwest Stark Street, Portland, OR 97204

    Really, really good. Feels good in the body too.

  • Tiffin Asha

    5 starsMay 03, 2014

    3710 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97227

    Celiac safe, no gluten in the cart. So very good.

  • Nudi Noodle Place

    5 starsApril 25, 2014

    4310 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, OR 97206

    Sweet spot, the food is excellent. There are familiar dishes and food for the adventurous. The bar has some exciting menu items too, such as herb infused liquors. They really understand gf issues and have seperate prep areas. Great, great noodle shop.

  • Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

    3 starsApril 25, 2014

    221 U.S. 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341

    The young guy helping us really wanted to provide a gf meal, but the fryers are shared with flour tortillas and there is shared prep area for gluten and non gluten menu items. Lots of wheat on the menu. We decided it wasn't gluten safe and left. Nice folks if you can tolerate cross contamination.