Cassidy Scott


About Me

21. Celiac since age 5. Six years as a GIG support group city manager. Tiny with big hair. Obsession with pizza and cupcakes. Also penguins, but I won't eat those.


  • Port A Pizzeria

    5 starsMay 26, 2014

    407 E Avenue G, Port Aransas, TX 78373

    Their gluten free pizza is wonderful! I've never had a problem with them. I don't think they have a gluten free menu but GF options are on the normal menu. You walk in, place your order, pay, and sit down. They bring the food to you. It's an awesome place to eat in Port A. Usually not too busy.

  • Freebirds

    4 starsMay 26, 2014

    5424 South Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78411

    I went to Freebirds every single Friday for over a year. I'm Celiac and I never had any issues. Then, out of the blue, they changed their menu options. Hard corn shells went away, portion sizes changed, and the "taco meal" disappeared. I've been back once since. It's still good, but it's more difficult to eat GF now. I get the nachos with carnitas, cheese, queso, lettuce, and tomatoes. They SHOULD have a printed menu of what's gluten free. Have them change their gloves and wash a tray for you. If you opt for soft corn, ask that they warm them up in the microwave (or maybe between foil in the toaster things?).

  • BJ's Brewhouse

    5 starsMay 26, 2014

    5037 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78411

    I've been several times. I really enjoy their pizza. It's not my absolute favorite but I will go back often.