• Eva Restaurant & Wine Bar

    2 starsNovember 11, 2013

    2227 North 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

    this place is celiac friendly, but no more so than most medium high-end restaurants.service was not at the level I expect for these prices, neither was the food. waitress spent more of her time flirting with the bartender than attending to her customers.granted, I sm a gourmet cook, but I can make better food at home, and feel more welcomed and cared for at many other comparable restaurants.we were definitely the youngest, most urban people in the restaurant by far, maybe that was part of it....who knows.not going back.

  • Laughing Planet

    2 starsNovember 07, 2013

    1720 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

    not celiac friendly. two stars for disclosing that...but you have to dig to find that information, they really hype up the fact that they have "gluten free" options.

  • B Street Coffee House

    3 starsOctober 25, 2013

    2190 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97210

    cute tiny space. unfortunately nothing I can eat here if I don't want a stomach ache...bread and eggs, basically.but good for people with less food restrictions who want a more basic, american breakfast-type meal, sans gluten.

  • Southeast Grind

    2 starsOctober 25, 2013

    1223 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202

    this place is dingy and has some of the worst coffee I've had in portland.the environment feels very un-hip, more like it should be in eugene than pdx.we def need more non-alcoholic spaces that are open late in this town...but southeast grind doesn't have much going for it other than its hours.gluten free pastries were not celiac friendly.

  • Tula Gluten Free Baking Co.

    4 starsOctober 25, 2013

    4943 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd #101, Portland, OR 97211

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed tula yet! completely gluten free, exceptionally yummy pastries., friendly and patient service, good hemp milk lattes, and an elegant and open space. I do wish they had more non-bread based savory foods...xanthan and guar gum are really hard on me (like a lot of other celiacs, my digestive system has been damaged over the years).also that they were open later....they close 6 on weekdays and 4 or something equally insanely early on weekends.but I sure am glad tula exists:).

  • Radio Room

    2 starsOctober 25, 2013

    1101 Northeast Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97211

    the waiters claim this place is safe to eat at, but if you ask specific questions you'll find they have no idea what they're talking about.it was like pulling teeth to try and get a simple, truly gluten free meal here, even when I just requested whatever meat and vegetables were safest, cooked in a clean pan.the food was three stars, not worth the stress.

  • Prasad

    5 starsOctober 25, 2013

    925 NW Davis St, Portland, OR 97209

    I've eaten here probably 30-40 times and have never felt glutened...I am a very sensitive celiac.both raw and cooked options are delish, service is friendly and efficient, and I love the space.only wish it was open later!

  • Blossoming Lotus

    3 starsOctober 22, 2013

    1713 Northeast 15th Avenue, Portland, OR 97212

    their menu is hit or miss...sometimes lacking in flavor or skillfulness, sometimes phenomenal. very little that is gluten free on brunch menu:(.full bar, good service, good ambience!

  • Laughing Planet

    2 starsOctober 22, 2013

    4110 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97206

    old school hippie food and not celiac safe.why bother?

  • New Cascadia Traditional Bakery

    4 starsOctober 22, 2013

    1700 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

    in the past I wouldve given them 2 stars because of the consistently bad service, but tried them again and they've really improved.yay for pacific foods hemp milk lattes done with a modicum of skill too!:)

  • Old Wives’ Tales

    1 starsOctober 22, 2013

    1300 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

    omg.if you want terrible service and insanely overpriced non organic food cooked hospital cafeteria style, go here.

  • The GF Chef

    3 starsOctober 22, 2013

    5221 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97213

    celiac safe, but difficult for me to find anything healthy on the menu.this is like old school gluten free food, heavy on bready stuff and eggs.

  • Dick's Kitchen

    2 starsOctober 22, 2013

    3312 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214

    menu looked good, which is why they get 2 stars.not celiac safe, so tired of restaurants that are just hopping on the gluten free trend.

  • Timber's doghouse PDX

    5 starsAugust 23, 2013

    Southeast Division Street & Southeast 28th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

    I LOVE THIS PLACE.owners are celiac, workers are really sweet.burgers can be served w salad instead of bun for no extra charge.adorable red food cart.flavors were great, burger tasted deliciously beefy, fresh not frozen patties.highly recommend:)

  • Harlow

    4 starsAugust 23, 2013

    3632 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97214

    delicious raw foods (I haven't eaten any of the cooked options here), service varies wildly but has never been bad.cute space, although its a bit unfinished feeling.dedicated gf, full bar.highly recommend:)

  • Hawthorne Fish House

    4 starsAugust 23, 2013

    4343 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215

    the food quality is uneven...I've had really good fish n chips one visit, and limp, overcooked, flavorless fish the next.service is basic, definitely not service or food oriented.really nice patio.food is heavy on salt, mayo, etc.if it wasn't so celiac safe i'd give it a solid 3 stars.

  • Cultured Caveman

    4 starsAugust 23, 2013

    4031 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

    limited menu, food is heavy on the grease and salt, nothing is lightly cooked here...would love fresh salad, more living food, meat and veggies that are cooked with a lighter hand. awesomely, they have bone broth to take home, and often tallow too! really friendly people, celiac safe, open til 8pm:)

  • Dick's Kitchen

    1 starsAugust 23, 2013

    704 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

    they bill themselves as being gluten free, but they are absolutely not celiac safe.got really excited looking at the menu, I'm mostly paleo as well as celiac...but after we were seated and started grilling the server it became clear it wasn't remotely ok for me to eat there.at first he reassured me repeatedly it was celiac safe...then got flustered when asked specific questions about cross contamination, had to go back and talk to the chef multiple times.we left hungry:(! just another place capitalizing on the gf trend ...