• Chiwawa

    5 starsFebruary 04, 2014

    2059 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104

    I have celiac, and issues with casein, so I have not had Mexican (or Mexican-ish) food in years. Stumbled on Chiwawa and oh. My. Word. The server was incredibly helpful, and with his advice, I was able to order a meal that was totally safe. All their GF food is separately prepared, and oh, it was yummy! Also, the French press coffee was fabulous.

  • Jim 'N Nick's

    5 starsJanuary 09, 2014

    2359 North Germantown Parkway, Memphis, TN 38016

    The fryer is used only for fries, and so the fries are GF, which was the most amazing discovery when I was pregnant, and craved fries. Their BBQ sauce is GF, and so you can quickly get a plate of BBQ pulled pork, smoked turkey, or BBQ brisket and be completely safe. The baked beans, the coleslaw, and quite a few of their side dishes are perfectly safe by their ingredient list. And when you tell the host(ess) you are GF, you will get a little informal print out telling you what is safe to eat. I've never been glutened there. The food is very yummy.

  • P.F. Chang's

    4 starsJanuary 09, 2014

    1181 Ridgeway Road, Memphis, TN 38119

    Best and most reliable GF food option in town. Once a tiny piece of normal noodle got into a GF dish of mine (not sure how). I showed it to the waiter, and within a minute, THE manager was there, was very apologetic, gave me a gift card, and comped my meal. They are super diligent about keeping a celiac safe.

  • Pei Wei

    3 starsJanuary 09, 2014

    2257 N. Germantown Parkway Suite 110, Memphis, TN 38016

    I have never had a problem at this Pei Wei location.

  • Bonefish Grill

    4 starsJanuary 09, 2014

    1250 North Germantown Parkway, Cordova,TN 38016

    Every time I have visited this restaurants, the staff have been careful about my meal prep. And even when I keep asking questions which mean they have to keep going back to the kitchen to check (as for a seasonal item), they are unfailingly pleasant and helpful.