• The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe

    1 starsJuly 08, 2014

    3610 Avenue B, San Antonio, TX 78209

    Food is expensive (pasta bake, drink, and dessert) is typically $22. The service is horrendous. The last two times my friends and I were there, we had to go ask about our food (wait staff unapologetic about the wait/failure to bring food to us. This last visit ($45+ for the three of us), I specifically asked if there was any garlic or onion used in the hot dog. I had previously asked about the condiments so I knew there was garlic in those so I told her to leave off all condiments. I specifically asked if they buttered the bun since I had previously been told about the garlic in the butter and kept repeating "no garlic, no onion on anything". After I had eaten the hot dog, my stomach was upset so after repeatedly trying to get the waitress' attention, I was finally able to ask (again) if there was garlic. The waitress very rudely told me of course there was (as if I was an idiot for not knowing) and when I told her I wanted a refund because I had specially and repeatedly told the other woman taking the orders "no onion/no garlic on anything", the snide waitress told me she had heard me but I only had asked about the condiments because she had heard me. I told her that I had pointed out the garlic because that is why I ordered the hot dogs "dry". Then the waitress told me the lady taking the order must have just misunderstood me from how I described it. She would remake the hotdog but would not refund my money because it was my fault and they were a gluten free restaurant and wouldn't guarantee anything else beyond the gluten free. "Customer is always right" is NOT followed and in fact, they are very comfortable with being downright rude and condescending to the customers. Obviously, they feel they have enough business and they don't need our business. The building is run down and very warm inside (may be good for the bread but not good for people to enjoy their meal). The only reason my friends went there was so my food allergies wouldn't bother me and we are all happy to grant the rude waitress' wish by never going back and spending our money at another restaurant.