• Katsu-Ya

    1 starsMay 26, 2015

    800 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015

    After being very, very clear about my allergy, I was still served sushi with ponzu sauce which has gluten! "Oops, sorry." the waitress said. Really? Last visit for me.

  • Hoffmann Brat Haus

    5 starsNovember 16, 2014

    801 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    Gourmet sausages, salads. Traditional and offbeat flavors. Amazing GF, thick sliced french fries- delicious!! Great service, clearly marked GF/DF menu. They have GF beer and cider to go along with those yummy brats. My new go-to downtown.

  • Fresco Cafe

    5 starsOctober 26, 2014

    3987 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

    A neighborhood favorite with excellent salads and divine desserts. Their fries are great and not fried with anything else. They have daily pasta specials that have a GF option. Patio and inside seating.

  • TAP Thai Cuisine

    4 starsOctober 26, 2014

    3130 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

    Pretty good Thai food! Nice to have an option in SB. They label their menu items as GF or vegan.

  • Saigon Vietnamese

    4 starsAugust 19, 2014

    3987 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

    Pretty good Pho and spring rolls. The server we had and the kitchen staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about gluten-free items, including condiments on table. They even made a special GF sauce for me to dip my spring rolls in. I'll definitely be coming back to try new things.

  • Lilly's Taqueria

    5 starsAugust 19, 2014

    290 Storke Rd, Goleta, CA 93117

    Lilly's is an authentic Mexican taqueria with everything homemade with fresh ingredients and no gluten added sauces/marinades and only corn tortillas. They cook only tacos (less than $2 each!!), no sides or anything else, but wow, those tacos are good! Their salsas are excellent, btw. I highly recommend this place.

  • Mendocino Farms

    5 starsAugust 06, 2014

    444 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

    One of the most delicious sandwiches I've ever eaten and creative flavorful salads. I ordered the Steak BLT sandwich and the Quinoa Beet salad. Both items were outstanding. I'll come back many times. They have many clearly marked GF items on menu and offer very good GF bread for the sandwiches. If you let them know you have celiac or an allergy, they handle your food with care and make it separately in GF zone.

  • Miso Hungry

    5 starsAugust 01, 2014

    3891 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

    What a great idea! Like a Japanese Chipotle with options for ready made or build-your-own wraps, bowls or salads with sushi fish, teriyaki chicken or grilled veggies. They have amazing sauces and aolis to top your meal. Most workers are knowledgeable about what contains gluten and if they're not sure, they ask the manager. I've eaten there a few times now and never had a problem. Oh, and they have a yummy and refreshing all-you-can-drink iced tea/juice bar with green, black, jasmine and hibiscus teas and pomegranate and blueberry juice among others.

  • Freebirds

    3 starsJuly 30, 2014

    5752 Telephone Rd, Ventura, CA 93003

    Similar to Chipotle in its set up and menu offerings (bowls, burritos, tacos, etc.), but not quite as flavorful, in my opinion. Staff was ready to accommodate me with fresh, clean gloves and separate prep plate to prepare my meal. Not everyone was knowledgeable about their gluten free items, despite having a corporate print-out in front of them. Their chips were light, crisp and very good.

  • SeaGrass Restaurant

    5 starsJuly 09, 2014

    30 E Ortega St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    Excellent service, delicious food. Seagrass will accommodate your food allergies with grace. I've let them know about my GF & DF issues when I make my reservations and each time they confirm them with me when I get there. Their menu is fresh, whole food based so the only "hidden" gluten would be in a cream or Asian sauce and they let me know what is off limits or can't possibly be adjusted when they give me my menu.

  • Simply Pies

    5 starsJuly 09, 2014

    5392 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

    Great pies and quiches! Adorable converted Victorian turned into a pie shop with a changing variety of GF offerings each day. I love the cream pies...yum!!

  • Savoy Cafe & Deli

    5 starsJuly 09, 2014

    24 West Figueroa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    Love the taste and the variety of food here! I especially love that I can just open the menu and order (they can make virtually any item GF!), what a luxury THAT is! I am highly sensitive to cross-contamination and have never been sick in the dozens of times I've eaten at Savoy.

  • Palazzio

    2 starsJuly 09, 2014

    1026 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    They use noodles made from yams, which in my opinion was mushy and not as good as rice pasta. What I take issue with is the $3-4 surcharge for this pasta on top of the regular price for the dish. That smacks of gauging to me, and for an average tasting dish at best.

  • Pickles & Swiss

    5 starsJuly 09, 2014

    811 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA

    I've eaten here so many times because their food is so good and I've never been sick. Because I'm highly sensitive to ANY cross-contamination, I know they take great care with GF preparation. They're super friendly, to boot!

  • Taqueria Agave

    5 starsAugust 27, 2013

    1836 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

    I was told that all ingredients are fresh, no canned, jarred, processed ingredients, so no hidden gluten. Just stay away from flour tortillas. I have a high sensitivity and had a feast with soft tacos, re-fried beans, rice, chips, 4different kind of salsa. It was heaven!!