• Elizabeth's Bar & Restaurant

    1 starsSeptember 02, 2013

    825 Cromwell Avenue, Rocky Hill, CT 06067

    The food here is excellent and there are many gluten free options, almost the entire menu. However, the hostess was so rude i am not sure I will ever return. I came in for lunch and was seated by the host. She immediately returned with a basket of bread. I asked if I could please have some gluten free bread that I heard they serve. She rudely said I should have told her I was dining gluten free before I sat down because now she wasted a whole basket of regular bread. I told her my mom would be having the regular bread and she responded that it didn't matter she still wasted it because only one person would eat it. I said I had never been here before and she said any time I go into a restaurant I should always tell the host I'm gluten free and then she huffed and hurried off. I was dumbfounded and appalled. I am not sure why I even stayed for the meal.... I wish I had left. First off neither of us asked for bread, it was brought to us automatically after we were seated. Secondly, I don't choose to be gluten free, and a restaurant that boasts being gluten free friendly should not act like it is such an issue and a burden. I've never been told I've "wasted" anything or that I should announce that I am gluten free before sitting down. I was offended and embarrassed. The food was good but that attitude was enough to keep me away for good.