• Maggiano's

    1 starsJune 02, 2014

    203 Westshore Plz, Tampa, FL 33609-1810

    I went to Maggiano's after seeing all the wonderful reviews. I was so excited to be able to take my husband there for his birthday since it is one of his fave's; And since finding out about my gluten intolerence 6 months ago we haven't gone out to dinner much as I've been learning what to look out for. Unfortuantley, my experience was far different than the positive reviews I read. I told the server right away about my intolerence, she seemed very non chalant about it and quickly said the sauces are free and penne, then she set the bread basket down between us. I asked her very nicely to clarify that penne was the only pasta option and she said yes. I ordered the Rigatoni D since I thought it was a good choice served with Penne. Luckily, I know my pastas because they brought me out the Rigatoni without the GF pasta! I said something to the food runner and she confirmed it was not GF and seemed confused as if it wasn't notated on my order. About 6 minutels later while my huisband sat looking at his pasta getting cold mine finally arrived. I will give it one more shot for him just in case it was just the server who created a bad experience, but needless to say we were very disappointed. (and also, being Italian myself I really wish they had more choices than just Penne.. it would be plain wrong to eat certain sauces over penne... lol)