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  • Slyce Pizza Bar

    5 starsJune 15, 2015

    311 Gulf Blvd, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

    Absolutely wonderful service! Fantastic GF PIZZA! They have soooo many different pizza options! Try the baked Brie appetizer! You can get it with just pears and apples! WE WILL BE BACK!

  • Sweet Sage Cafe

    2 starsJune 15, 2015

    16725 Gulf Blvd, North Redington Beach, FL 33708

    Ok, so if you are looking for more than toast that is GF, this is not the place to go. I will say that it is a cute place and they cater to dogs with a full dog menu, but beginning with our service the whole experience seemed a miss. When I asked about the GF OPTIONS, my answer was "we have toast and the hollandaise has gluten." When I mentioned that they were on this app as gluten-free she responded "oh well we didn't put it there!" She also then gave me the obvious choices of what is gluten-free such as eggs and bacon and hashbrowns. Which I'm sure you all love to hear as well. I ordered the gluten-free French toast Apple Chris when it was brought to me it was just a gluten-free Apple crisp French toast. When it got to the table it was just French toast without the Apple crisp. When she brought it back she threw down at the table and said well that's all they would do to it anyway, is just throw some apples on it. At this point another woman came over and asked if everything was okay, that is when I blew I told her how our experience was bad from the very beginning and how rude the server was. She said she was the right person to tell about this experience and that the owners would know about it. But then absolutely nothing happened. No manager no owners, no recovery nothing. The whole thing was strange. I had about four bytes of the food because The toast was very dry and stale. Nothing was taken off the bill like my meal and when we went to go pay the bill we ran into the woman that said that she would let the owners know. She seemed empathetic to our situation and then almost spoke in code to the woman at the front who told us that she was the manager. We walked into another room and then and gentlemen joined us as well. We began to rehash the entire story but it just seemed that nobody was really recovering the situation. The woman "manager" didn't really seem to want to hear about the experience; however, the man did and listen to our concerns. I sat and told him what we go through being gluten-free, and that it's not just a fad or something cool to do. I told him that people really do get very sick eating non-gluten-free food. I also explained that there needs to be some sensitivity training to the servers so that they understand that we're not trying to be difficult we just really don't want to get sick. I guess nobody really understands until they are in that situation. The owner did become more empathetic to our concerns, and as it turned out the woman who said she was manager was also an owner. We gave them suggestions on how to be more gluten-free friendly...different flour and breads that they can use, although I don't believe they have any desire to be more gluten-free friendly. Finally after a bit of back-and-forth we went to pay the bill, and the owner said that he would take care of it. This is the only reason that we gave this place a two star rating. I hope they make good on their word about talking to their servers and teach people about the sensitivities of gluten-free people.

  • Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint

    5 starsAugust 30, 2014

    7805 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31406

    Wow! Amazing GF PIZZA! Amazing customer service. Local veggies, hormone free chicken. The staff is meticulous about serving Gf. Very knowledgable! Oh, and you won't pay 15.00 bucks for GF. They don't punish you here. Will eat here again!

  • Zunzi's

    5 starsJuly 06, 2014

    108 E York St, Savannah, GA 31401

    I love this place! Staff treated us like they've known us for years and I had to ask about 5 different times if the fried calamari was GF, because it is that good! Had the pleasure of chatting with the owner who is Gluten intolerant! This place is so much fun! We wish we lived closer! Thanks Zunzi's you definitely created a memory for us!!! The Greek and Music Lover!

  • The Yard Bird Cafe

    1 starsJuly 06, 2014

    117 King St, St Augustine, FL 32084

    OUT OF FISH, OUT OF GF BREAD, OUT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE! So we walked out of our way to get here after I called about 10minutes earlier and the told me they have GF options. The waitress comes over gives us water them leaves as we watch other tables being waited on that sat after us. Finally she comes over and tells us there's no fish. Not really any GF options either. So I put in my order and she says - "oh we are out of GF BREAD." I said " I just called 10 minutes ago, that's why we are here. We are also here because you are listed on a GF APP". She says. " yeah, I don't know who listed us on there, we really aren't GF". Still I tried to find something on the Menu and I said I was disappointed and she replied- "what do you want me to do, go to the store and buy some GF bread?" We walked out at that point. Luckily the FLORIDIAN about 5 minutes away has amazing GF Options and even better customer service!

  • Floridian

    5 starsJuly 06, 2014

    39 Cordova Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084

    Absolutely amazing for GF. They care! They are very aware of Celiac and gluten intolerance! Get the GF Fried Green Tomatoes! Wow! Our new favorite place when coming to St. Augustine! Not to mention they saved the day that Yard Bird Cafe almost ruined!

  • B & D Burgers

    5 starsJuly 04, 2014

    209 West Congress Street, Savannah, GA 31401

    Awesome Backyard Burgers, but they have fancy ones too. Impeccable customer service from hostess, Dorothy to server, Hilary to Manger Cory, who took care of one of our burgers for a very minor glitche! They would be our new favorite place if we lived here, but anytime we are in Savannah, we'll be back!!! They care about your GF NEEDS!

  • Bitton Bistro Cafe

    1 starsJune 01, 2014

    82245 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

    RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! I agree with the woman who had a bad experience. Horrible customer service and they really don't care if you like the food or not! The GF CREPES WERE HORRIBLE. they barely contained any strawberry preserves. Even when I said I didn't like it because it tasted awful, she agreed that they don't taste good with sweet stuff because they are SOUR!!! NO CUSTOMER RECOVERY! Avoid this place and just burn your money instead! Oh, and I'd wonder about the cleanliness, I watched a waitress LICK A SPOON given to her by the cook! Gross!!!

  • The Boynton

    5 starsSeptember 05, 2013

    117 Highland St, Worcester, MA 01609

    Wow!!!! Absolutely delicious GF PIZZA!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmy!

  • Kaboodle Pizzeria and Grill

    5 starsSeptember 05, 2013

    152 Main St, Spencer, MA 01562

    If you are GF, you must try the pizza here! Spoke with owners who have dedicated their lives to finding the perfect crust! I think they did it! Pizza crust actually looks and tastes like the real thing! We live in Florida, but if I didn't I would be a regular!!!